What do the CBT instructor assessments include?

Instructor assessments include a number of different elements, the first of which is an eyesight test – similar to that of your motorcycle licence test, although you’ll need to be able to read a number plate from a longer distance; 26.5 metre for new style plates and 27.5 metres for older style plates. If you fail this, the rest of the assessment will be closed to you.

Session 1 focuses on the first element of a CBT course – the introduction. You’ll be asked to deliver a lesson on the Element A section of the CBT curriculum.

Session 2 of the assessment will focus on the second element of the CBT course content: Practical on-site training. You’ll take a ‘novice’ rider through the controls of a motorcycle or basic machine check.

Session 3 & 4 covers the practical on-site riding element of CBT course work.

Session 5 focusses on element D of the CBT course, practical on-road training. You’ll be asked to deliver a lesson made up of three of the element D modules.

Sessions 6 – 7 covers element E of the CBT course; practical on-road riding. You’ll need to give instruction, correct faults made and direct your ‘novice rider’ on public roads with radio equipment.