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Five Reasons to Take Advanced Motorcycle Training

29/09/19 by Mark Jaffe

The more we practice a skill, the better we get at it. That’s why there are gaps between motorcycle licence levels if you take the progressive approach to getting your full motorbike licence. But, anyone who has practiced and worked hard to hone a new skill knows that there is only so far you can get without tuition. Additional training is where you’ll really grow. Training gives you added insight and tips you don’t pick up on your own. It’s because you’re getting an objective perspective on your technique or style along with exercises that help you become really good at that skill. That’s not the only reason to take advanced motorcycle training though; read on to find out why you should consider training courses to become a better motorbike rider.

Reduce your insurance premium

Most people regard motorcycle riding dangerous, not least of all, insurance companies. That’s why you’re looking at anywhere between £300 to a grand for fully comprehensive insurance in the UK.

When you consider that almost a quarter of all road fatalities in 2016 (bar pedestrians) were motorcyclists, despite them making up less than 1% of all the vehicle miles travelled in that year, you begin to understand where they’re coming from. One way to get you insurance premium down, is to prove that you are a safe rider. Of course, they’ll expect to see some sort of certification of the advanced safety training you’ve had. Enhanced Rider Scheme courses and other advanced rider courses are looked on favourably by insurers because they teach you how to ride better and thus, become less likely to be involved in an accident. In fact, GoCompare did some research into insurers and reductions given for safer riders and found 74% of policies give advanced rider discounts, some as much as 15%.

Reduce wear and tear on your motorbike & fuel consumption

Advanced rider instructors make it their business to know as much about motorcycle riding as possible. Along with increasing your riding pleasure and safety, an advanced rider course will teach you techniques for conserving fuel and reducing wear and tear on your bike. When it seems like fuel prices rise between every trip to the petrol station, and keeping your bike in tip-top condition equals more fun when you’re on two wheels, that’s a pretty valuable thing to know.

Most advanced courses begin with a chat to your instructor about where you think your riding weaknesses lie and what you want to get out of your course. That way, the course can be structured to meet your needs perfectly. If you mention you want to increase your eco-friendliness with each ride, they’ll be sure to give you some pointers for that throughout your day.

Have fun while you learn to be a better biker

Lots of advanced rider courses include track days, and there is no denying track days are bags of fun. The track elements of advanced training give riders more confidence and help them understand exactly what their bike is capable of.

Another option for advanced motorcycle training is to take an instructor-led tour or ride out.  Similar to some of the longer Blue Riband and DIAmond Elite training courses, these cover more ground and a wider range of road and traffic conditions due to the nature of the ride. While this isn’t detailed on our website with a firm course structure, our group ride-outs can include tuition, so please get in touch if these types of training interest you.

Become a motorcycle instructor

While advanced courses aren’t mandatory for all motorcycle instructors, if you want to teach beyond CBT and DAS courses, you’ll need some advanced training yourself. The course you take depends on what kind of instructor you want to be and whether or not you want to run your own motorcycle training school. But if riding for a living is something you’d like to do, it’s worth checking out the courses that will help you achieve this dream.

Ride to save lives

Motorbike riders are being recruited as volunteers all over the UK to help save people’s lives. It doesn’t involve much more than riding your motorcycle safely and fast. Motorcyclists can often make deliveries to hospitals faster than an ambulance with lights flashing and sirens blaring. We’re talking about becoming a Blood Biker, one of the volunteers who deliver much-needed blood, minor organs for transplant, samples, scans, and other urgently needed items to NHS hospitals.

Emergency blood supplies are a vital part of the NHS service, and most of it is delivered by volunteers. As a biker, you’re more likely to need this service. It also feels great to know you’ve played a part in saving someone’s life. Before you can even think about becoming a Blood Biker, you have to have two years’ experience riding on an ‘A’ licence and have passed the RoSPA Advanced Rider Qualification – or are ready to do so pretty quickly.

Learning to be a better motorcyclist has a wide range of benefits, not just for you, but for other road users, as well as family and friends who might worry about your safety. Increasing your skill also increases your enjoyment, so get in touch and book an advanced rider course with us today.