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StreetSkills 101 from MotoDNA: Improve Your Riding in Real-Time

Vic Womersley August 31, 2023

Have you ever wished you had your own motorcycling coach? One who watches exactly how you ride and gives you tips that help you improve? Advanced coaching is great, but feedback is based on your coach’s interpretation of your skills. StreetSkills 101 goes one step further, providing data-driven feedback and tips to help you become a better road rider.

You never stop learning when you ride a motorcycle. After you get your licence, each ride is an opportunity to improve your skill. The only difference is, you’re learning on your own. A little feedback every now and then comes in handy – it helps you improve faster. And that makes riding on the road safer. StreetSkills 101 gives riders impartial feedback so they can improve.

Who is MotoDNA?

Founded by Mark McVeigh, MotoDNA began in 2010. With a history of motorcycle racing and then as an engineer for the MotoGP, Mark’s passion for motorcycles led to him opening his own motorcycle training business for junior racers. The business grew and MotoDNA now covers all types of motorcycle training, not just junior racers.

But Mark didn’t stop there.

After what he describes as a lightbulb moment one evening, Mark began developing technology that would unlock the mystery of motorcycles for riders. His team of coaches, engineers and investors began creating the first MotoDNA technology prototype.

Mark partnered with Yamaha Japan to develop the data-driven technology further. Together they devised a way to monitor eye tracking, steering and torque with sensors. This data is fed into a computer with over 100 different algorithms. These algorithms analyse the input and compare it against thousands of other datasets from riders around the world. This provides a deeper understanding of riders’ behaviour.

StreetSkills 101 is born

Taking his engineering know-how and intuitive algorithms to street riders was the next logical step for Mark and MotoDNA. So, Mark chose the GoPro Hero for collecting rider data. It makes his technology more widely accessible.

With that final development, StreetSkills 101 was born! The digital rider training collects real-time data through a GoPro attached to a motorcycle. These nifty little cameras record video, GPS information and data on the throttle, brake and steering control through the accelerometer. The information gets fed into MotoDNA’s digital platform. More than 100 different algorithms analyse, interpret and compare this data against thousands of other riders’ datasets.

The result is an impartial assessment of the rider’s skills and craft with actionable feedback that helps you improve. The technology first launched in Australia and landed in the UK early in 2023 through Phoenix Motorcycle Training.

“The idea that you can practice drills and then see the data for it [attracted me to StreetSkills 101]. If you want to redo it, you can see yourself getting better and better.

“I love that in a track day when you get a little computer and you can see how much you are improving. So, applying the same thing to the road is just great I think,” commented Lucia Alcott, a Bike Social member who trialled StreetSkills 101 in the UK, back in April 2023.

How can StreetSkills 101 help riders?

There are two types of StreetSkills 101 courses to choose from. Both are intended for licenced riders with a little (or a lot) experience on the road.

The half-day course lasts for three hours. The GoPro tracks riders through five practice drills. Riders run through figure 8s, emergency stops, corner avoidance, straight line avoidance and slow speed balance so real-time data can be collected.

This data is put into the MotoDNA software and within minutes a skills assessment gets spat out. The motorcycle training instructors translate this into actionable steps for improving your riding.

The full-day course covers all of the above, with a second session after lunch. Before competing with your morning scores, you’ll get practical training from an instructor. After putting the instruction into practice, you’ll have the chance to try the motorcycle drills again and see how much you’ve improved.

Booking Your Own Data-Driven Training Session

One of the great things about StreetSkills 101 is the gamification. Leaderboards, shareable rankings and the chance to compare your results with your mates and your instructor make this training even more fun.

Knowing that the feedback on your riding has nothing to do with how much your instructor likes you is another plus. You’ll be able to view the MotoDNA results and see your strengths and weaknesses in black and white. But the data tells a broader picture than your own rider skill, craft and mindset; it also helps you better understand the capabilities of the machine you’re riding.

As Marco Bezzecchi, the Italian MotoGP racer says, “There is a lot to learn from data analysis… it’s the only way to understand the bike better, apart from maybe following someone.”

Booking your own data-driven training session with Phoenix Motorcycle Training is a great way to improve your skills and have fun with other motorcyclist mates. You’ll be able to compare notes, learn from each other and have a laugh as you improve your road riding skills together. If you’d like to learn more about our StreetSkills 101 training sessions before booking, get in touch with us today!


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