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Module 2 (CBT) Testing

This module lasts approximately 40 minutes and includes an eye test and a short Q and A discussion with the examiner about safety and motorcycle maintenance before taking to the road. Module 2 is required for all riders wishing to obtain their AM, A1 A2 or A (full) motorcycle licence. The motorbikes power will vary in accordance with the level of the licence you are being tested for. Module 2 tests take place on-road while students remain in full radio contact with the examiner throughout the testing period.

Things you should know about Module 2 motorcycle tests

Module 2 testing is the final step to obtaining a motorcycle licence relevant to your age and the power restrictions that apply. You cannot take a Module 2 test until you have completed your theory test and Module 1 off-road practical test.

Module 2 test examiners are different to the instructor who you trained with for the motorcycle licence level you are trying to reach. To take this final test, you will need to take your Module 1 pass certificate, your theory test pass certificate, your CBT certificate or current motorcycle licence, the correct protective gear and the appropriately powered motorbike or moped for the level of licence you are aiming to achieve. If you have trained with Phoenix Motorcycle Training, we can provide the motorcycle or moped needed for your test as part of your course cost. We can also book all the tests for your motorcycle licence (theory, Module 1 and Module2) on your behalf when you book one of our courses.

How easy is it to pass a module 2 motorcycle test?

Because Phoenix Motorcycle training courses are tailored to your needs, most of our students pass each of the modules for their motorcycle licence tests on the first try. We ensure each student is given clear feedback and guidance to help them improve their skills and on when to take the different motorcycle test modules. 

May I complain about my Module 2 motorcycle test?

The DVSA are available to take complaints about tests for all licence types. While this is fairly rare from our experience, you may wish to complain about the testing procedure or other elements of your path to becoming a licenced motorcycle rider. The DVSA have specific procedures and time limits for complaints that pertain to each different element of licence testing. Please check for full details and get in touch if we can help in any way with further advice or detail for a complaint about the Module 2 motorcycle test or other elements of the licencing procedure.