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Trail Riding in the Peaks and Dales

Phoenix Trails

Phoenix Trails provide customers with a relaxed training environment, using small-capacity motorcycles.  We concentrate on teaching various techniques, which customers can practice at both our on-site facilities and on nearby legal By-Ways. These By-Ways are Open To All Traffic, (BOATS / Green Lanes).

Beginner / Level 1

The first 60 minutes of the day will cover all the skills that are taught on the above Taster Session.  After this we venture out on to the nearby Green Lanes where you can practice all your newly acquired skills.  Your instructors will endeavour to find routes that are both achievable, but also challenging for the whole group.

Intermediate / Level 2

Ideally to attend this you will have needed to have completed either a taster day or a beginners’ day.  It may also be suitable to those who haver ridden off road before.  However, we ask customers to be honest with themselves.  The skills for riding off road are very different to road and track riding. Even if you’re a very experienced road or track rider, you should keep this in mind.  We want to provide all customers with the best experience and having one rider who is struggling reduces that experience for everyone.

The day will involve a briefing, reminding customers of the previously learnt skills and some practice time on our private training areas, before venturing out for an extended ride on the available green lanes.

Extended / Level 3

The day will start with a briefing. After this, we venture out onto the green lanes of your chosen site.  It is a long day, covering many miles, where fitness and endurance, play as much a part as technical ability.

The day is intended to consolidate the training that you have previously received. You can also use this to establish how much you can reasonably achieve in a day.  This will assist you to plan your own trips away.

What we provide for all trail riding experiences:

We can supply all your protective equipment.  Helmets, boots, gloves, jackets, trousers, and even motocross-style body armour if required.  You may wear your own equipment if you wish. However, we do insist that your boots are high-leg adventure-style boots at the minimum.

There is very limited “Plus-Sized” clothing available, or even suitable for off road/adventure riding.  If you happen to be of this larger stature, please give us a call before booking. This will allow us to ensure we can accommodate you.

We will also provide a light lunch during the road rides on the full day courses.  The longer spent on this stop will reduce the amount of time spent riding.  It is particularly important to manage this time on the beginners day.

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