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Phoenix Motorcycle Training LTD

Motorcycle Training Courses

We’re the largest motorcycle training school in the UK.
Our motorcycle training courses are designed to teach you how to ride safely and get the most enjoyment from two wheels. Our instructors are keen to help students reach their motorcycle training goals quickly, gain an understanding of road safety, hazard perception and build on any existing motorcycling skills they have.

Along with motorcycle training for your licence, we offer motorcycle sessions that give you a taste of the two-wheeled life!

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Other motorcycle training courses

Try Ride Sessions let you find out if motorcycling is right for you. We focus on giving you a feel for motorcycling with these sessions. You’ll get the most from this if you already know how to ride and balance on a bike. This muscle memory transfers easily to motorcycles and scooters.

We’ll take you through the gears of motorcycling — literally — and by the end of your session, you’ll have a grin! Better than that, you’ll also have the knowledge you need to decide if treading the path to a motorcycle licence is right for you.

Phoenix’s trail riding days are LOADS of fun for individuals and groups. If you’ve never ridden off-road before, we’d recommend booking a taster session at our Foots Cray centre. Trail rides come in three levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Extended. Each day builds on the skills gained in the last. Although you won’t be learning for a licence, we treat these days as fun tuition days, a little like our motorcycle training courses, but with a lot more dirt and mud!