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Phoenix Motorcycle Training LTD

Phoenix Motorcycle Training is delivering two different courses for motorcyclists and scooter riders in the city on behalf of Transport for London (TfL) and the Mayor of London. Each course will help London’s riders improve their skills.

Road safety is a key priority for the Mayor and TfL. In 2015, 540 motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured (KSI) on London’s roads. That’s 26 per cent of all KSIs in the capital for that year. Yet motorcyclists and scooter riders account for just 2 per cent of all journeys in the same period. This shows that motorcyclists and scooters are vulnerable road users. Our aim is to cut the number of those killed or seriously injured (on London’s roads) by 50% by 2030

Motorcycle Training Courses

The Mayor’s Transport Strategy commits to improving motorcycle safety by promoting voluntary training courses for road users, including both of the TfL courses 1-2-1 Motorcycle Skills and the Beyond Compulsory Basic Training (CBT): Skills for Delivery Riders.

Both courses, give students a dedicated and fully-qualified motorcycle instructor for the duration of their course. Students also receive a Certificate of Completion on behalf of Transport for London (TfL) and the Mayor of London after successfully completing the course.

Course Overview

The aims of this course are to:

  1. Equip Clients with the skills required to ride safely on urban roads, including how to filter, overtake and ride in bus lanes
  2. Improve Clients’ hazard perception and defensive riding skills, e.g. when approaching a junction
  3. Promote the appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  4. Help Clients to understand the need to ride at speeds appropriate to the road conditions
  5. Promote further training if there is a need

1-2-1 Motorcycle Skills training sessions are available to anyone who lives, works or studies in any of the 33 London boroughs. The TfL and London’s Mayor strongly emphasis this course for students who are:

  • Between the ages of 16 and 40
  • Inexperienced and holding a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate only
  • Riding to commute to/from work or education
  • Using a low-powered motorcycle, scooter or moped

However, it’s open to all riders who live, study or work in any of the 33 London boroughs. (e.g. full motorcycle licence holders, all ages, etc.).

Motorcycle Training Courses