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Speed, Adrenaline and Victory: Events, Tracks and Tips for UK Dirt Bike Racing

Vic Womersley January 18, 2024

Throw a leg over and prepare for an exhilarating ride into UK dirt bike racing. Whether you’re interested in listening to the roar of motocross racers from the sidelines or being swallowed in a cloud of dust as you race around the track, dirt bike racing is a world of fun. This blog is your ticket to the dynamic realm of speed, adrenaline, and victory.

Get ready to ride pillion! We’ll share the top dirt bike racing events in the UK, show you how you can rev up your journey, and put you on the path to chasing victory on the best dirt bike tracks in the UK. Ready to kickstart your adventure? Let’s accelerate into the world of UK dirt bike racing.

Types of dirt bike racing in the UK

The world of dirt bike racing in the UK is for thrill-seekers, speed enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers keen to hone their two-wheeled skills. But you don’t need to ride to enjoy the roar of engines, the scent of fuel, and the ground trembling beneath the weight of powerful machines. Dirt bike racing is almost as fun to watch as it is to race. And there’s a style of dirt bike racing to suit nearly any thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie.

Motocross: for the speedsters

Motocross, the original form of dirt bike racing, is an outdoor sport on natural terrain with a few twists, turns and jumps thrown in for good measure. It’s an electrifying ride that demands skill, focus and determination to conquer challenging terrains. The UK has a huge range of motocross tracks. Each with a unique blend of obstacles that test the skill and nerve of every rider. Check out Red Bull’s top ten selection of motocross race tracks to find a great dirt bike race near you.

Supercross: an indoor showdown

The thrilling spectacle of Supercross is found in a floodlit stadium where spectators cheer and urge each rider to greater heights. Supercross events are the evolution of motocross, delivering high-flying action and tight competition within the confines of an arena. 12 to 17 races are held each year with competitors getting scored via a point system – at the end of the season, a winner is announced.

Areanacross is a little like Supercross but on a smaller scale. The tracks are in smaller spaces making the tracks tighter and slower than Supercross tracks. Whichever you watch, you can expect show-stopping experiences. Both are full of intense racing and live excitement that ripples through the audience.

Enduro: conquering the great outdoors with tenacity

If adventure is more your style, enduro racing beckons. This discipline takes you beyond the confines of a track and into the vast expanse of the great outdoors. With varied terrains and long-distance courses, enduro races in the UK provide gruelling yet rewarding experiences. You’ll blend speed with tenacious endurance to conquer nature’s unpredictable challenges.

These multifaceted dirt bike racing disciplines beckon with high-octane excitement. Which one sparks a fire within you? Motocross and Supercross don’t require a UK motorcycle licence if you stick to the tracks. However, you will need a racing licence from the ACU to ride these tracks. If Enduro is calling, a UK motorcycle licence to match your age and the power of your machine is crucial. Whether it’s the jumps of motocross, the determination of enduro, or the urban showdown of supercross, the UK dirt bike racing scene has something for every enthusiast.

Popular Dirt Bike Racing Events in the UK

Upcoming events promise roaring engines, heart-pounding action, and the telltale cloud of dust kicked up by the knobbly tires of dirt bikes. If you’re eager to witness the exhilaration of dirt bike racing, the UK offers a dynamic calendar of events sure to sate your appetite for adventure.

Motocross madness

Motocross enthusiasts, ready yourselves for a symphony of roaring engines tearing across natural terrains. The UK boasts a plethora of motocross tracks. From Scotland’s north to England’s south coast, you’ll find motocross championships, shows and club days filled with excitement and laced with adrenaline. Expect to be wowed by the unique challenges and adrenaline-pumping jumps each rider attacks.

Dirt Hub has an extensive list of motocross events for all ages – perfect for spectators and riders eager to take on a new challenge. One of our favourites is the Severn Valley Motocross Club Championship where junior to veteran riders compete in a series of races scheduled for the end of this month (January 31st, 2024). Full details can be found on the Severn Valley Motocross Club facebook page or Go Race MW’s website.  

Supercross showdowns and Arenacross awesomeness

Floodlit stadiums ready for a Supercross showdown crackle with energy. Supercross championships began with the American Motorcyclist Association in 1974, but have since crossed the pond to UK stadiums too. Supercross events are adrenaline-packed evenings that will leave you on the on the edge of your seat.

The 2024 FIM World Supercross Championship will hold round one of their competition at the Villa Arena in Birmingham, UK this summer (July 1st, 2024). From Birmingham, they head south to Abu Dhabi, UAE and onto Melbourne, Australia in November for round three.

For a similar experience on a smaller scale and closer to home, Areanacross takes centre stage. You’ll get a heart-pounding experience whether you’re spectating or riding. The 2023/24 Arenacross Festival culminates in a spectacular finale at the end of winter (February 24th, 2024) at the OVO Arena in Wembley. If you’ve had a taste of the thrilling adventure that’s Arenacross and want more, check out the ACU’s permitted events for all things dirt bike racing in the UK this year.

Enduro adventure: conquering nature’s challenges

If your heart craves adventure beyond traditional boundaries and tracks, Enduro racing is the answer. The ACU British Extreme Enduro Championship has nine rounds on the calendar for this year. Round one kicked off in Hapton Lancashire last Friday (January 14th, 2023). This is followed by the most challenging ride of all two weeks later at Walters Arena in the Welsh Valleys (January 27th and 28th, 2024). Contact the ACU for full details about entry and tickets.

ACU British Extreme Enduro Championship dirt bike racing schedule for 2024

Whether it’s the jumps of motocross, the urban showdown of Supercross, the tight intensity of Areanacross, or the tenacity of Enduro, each event promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of UK dirt bike racing. Which feat of two-wheeled skill will you be watching this year?

Getting started with dirt bike racing in the UK

Embarking on the adrenaline-fueled journey of dirt bike racing in the UK is not just about mastering the art of riding. It’s also about embracing a dedication to skill, speed and sheer determination. Whether you envision yourself as a casual rider or aspire to stand atop a podium, your journey starts here. So, how do you kickstart your dirt bike racing adventure if you want to move from spectator to participant?

Watching a race: fuel your passion

Immerse yourself in the experience of motocross and dirt bike racing by attending a few local races. Feel and experience the thrill while gauging your longing to be on the track. Motocross is not just a sport; it’s a visceral experience. One that beckons with high-octane allure, so be sure it’s what you want.

Learn to ride: mastering the basics

When you’re starting, you’ll want plenty of practice. That means joining a club and buying a dirt bike, or getting your UK motorcycle licence and a dirt bike you can take out on public trails. Consider opting for a used bike to navigate the initial learning curve and build your skills.

Trail bikes are ideal for novices and experienced riders, offering versatility on uneven terrain. Motocross bikes are designed for high-speed adventures. A good motorcycle instructor will teach you the fundamentals: clutch control, throttle management, braking, shifting gears, and navigating different terrains. Having a guided trail riding experience is a great way to build your skills with an experienced trail riding teacher. The manoeuvers you learn are transferable to the track.

Practice on a local track or trail

Locate local tracks or club trails to fine-tune your skills. Some tracks offer bike rentals, while others require you to bring your own. The ACU is a great place to look for local dirt bike clubs you can join. If you choose local public trails for practice, make sure you ride with the appropriate licence on you to stay on the right side of the law.

Work on essential riding techniques. That means mastering brakes and clutch as well as handling rough terrain and various weather conditions. Progress from basic manoeuvres to advanced skills like wheelies and power slides. Remember, practice lays the foundation for confidence on the racing track.

Dress for safety

Dirt bike racing is an exhilarating sport, but there are plenty of things that can hurt you along the way. Invest in the right safety gear for off-road riding: a well-fitted helmet, boots, goggles, clothing, and body armour. Remember, the right gear not only safeguards you but also instils confidence. That helps you feel ready for any unexpected challenges.

Build physical resilience

Dirt bike racing demands physical resilience and muscle engagement. A tailored workout plan focusing on exercises that enhance muscle strength, agility, and core stability will prepare you physically for the challenges of the race track. Dumbbells, deadlifts, pull-ups, and kettlebell workouts will create a robust physique. Activities like swimming and sprinting add variety to your regimen and build your cardiovascular stamina.

Seek expert guidance

Even with a UK motorcycle licence in hand, the support of a motocross coach is invaluable if you plan to race. They’ll help elevate your skills, offer insights, correct mistakes, and tailor a training plan to suit your goals and body type. Mental training is equally vital. A coach guides you through the mental strategies employed by professional riders. Motocross schools provide valuable resources and paths essential for your progress.

Practice makes perfect

The road to mastery is paved with practice. Prove yourself on the track by putting in consistent work consistently. Ride in all weather conditions, traverse different terrains and take on new challenges. Collaborate with more advanced riders to glean tips and tweaks for your technique. Join local races to test and refine the skills you’ve accumulated during your practice sessions.

From local races, you’ll carry on building your off-road racing skills and the motocross, supercross or enduro worlds could well be your oyster!

Igniting the thrill of off-road racing

As we rev our engines to the final stretch, there is no doubt dirt bike racing in the UK is more than a sport; it’s a journey of self-discovery and skill mastery, fuelled by adrenaline. Whether you’re a seasoned racer, a spectator, or an off-road rider wondering how to get on the track with your wheels, the world of dirt biking beckons. Safety remains paramount, from gearing up in protective armour to understanding the mental and physical readiness required for each twist and jump.

As the dust settles on our comprehensive guide, remember that dirt biking is a thrilling adventure waiting for you to jump aboard. Embrace the exhilaration, prioritize safety, and let the tracks be your canvas for speed, skill, and the joy of the ride. Gear up, hit the dirt, and let the dirt bike racing saga unfold. The finish line is just the beginning of an endless pursuit of speed, adrenaline, and victory!


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