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Unleashing the Excitement of Dirt Bikes: The UK's 3 Best Trail Riding Days

Throw a leg over and don your helmet, because we’re riding headfirst into the heart-pounding world of trail riding days! Ever wondered how it feels to conquer rugged terrains on a dirt bike? Join me as we unleash the trail riding magic woven by Phoenix Trails, your ticket to off-road bliss.

Imagine agile and highly competent trail motorcycles, the scent of adventure, and the echo of laughter over muddy green lanes. It’s not just a ride; it’s a journey that sculpts riders into trail-blazing adventurers. Are you ready to unleash the thrill of trail riding days? Grab your helmet and boots as we explore the adrenaline-fueled universe where your dreams turn into dirt-covered realities.

Exploring the essence: What do trail riding days involve?

Trail riding days aren’t just one-off journeys. They’re a symphony of adrenaline, camaraderie, and the sweet hum of dirt bikes. It’s an experience that’ll round out your two-wheeled skills in exciting and unexpected ways.

Location and duration

Trail riding days with Phoenix Trails unfold in picturesque settings. Typically, you’ll rev engines at 9 in the morning. Expect to ride through the undulating landscapes, traverse muddy green lanes, and feel your heart beat faster until late afternoon. Each location offers unique terrain to conquer from Salisbury Plains to West Kent Downs and up to the Pennines.

Activities and adventures

All adventures begin with a safety briefing and the rumble of engines. This sets the stage for a challenging and safe adventure. Whether you’re navigating through grass, mud, or gravel, we’ll immerse you in the essence of exploring trails on two wheels. You’ll feel the camaraderie between novices and seasoned riders as you all tackle obstacles like ruts, steps, inclines, and declines.

Best dirt bike trail riding routes for beginners

For those taking their first leap into the off-road realm, you’ll enjoy select routes that are achievable and challenging. Beginner trail riding days are tailored to the group’s skill level. We find the perfect balance to giving beginners an introductory thrill and ensuring a safe, enjoyable ride. We know you’ll want to come back for more!

A day in the dirt: What to expect from Phoenix’s trail riding days

Trail riding days with Phoenix are unique to each group. Even so, there are similarities for the day’s plans, but the tracks we’ll take you down will match your skills and abilities.

An itinerary for fun on dirt bike riding days

Each of our trail riding days is planned with your group’s abilities in mind. That means you can expect to be challenged, learn new skills and have a great time too. After getting the paperwork out of the way, most of our days run roughly to the same plan…

  • Get kitted out in quality safety gear and choose your dirt bike for the day.
  • Enjoy an hour-long training and evaluation session in our private training area.
  • Explore the roads and trails in your location with an experienced guide.
  • Stop for lunch and chat about the trails, the challenges and have some laughs.
  • Get back on your bike for more fun in challenging terrain.
  • Return to base mid-afternoon, tired but satisfied with a great day of riding. 

A choice of challenging terrains

The range of locations Phoenix Trails offers days out means there’s always something new and fun to challenge yourself with! Level 1, 2 and 3 trail riding days are offered at North Kent Downs, Salisbury Plain and the Peak District too. So what can you expect from the different trails? Excitement, challenge and exhilarating rides you’ll want more of!

North Downs, Kent: Ride chalky byways across undulating hills. Climb rutted trails and race down narrow lanes with your experienced guide and the Folkstone White Horse – England’s youngest hill figure – watching over you. A day conquering the trails of Kent’s North Downs with John will leave you wanting more!

Salisbury Plains: Expect muddy trails, tarmacked lanes, chalky byways and rutted tracks crisscrossing MOD zones and some of England’s most iconic landscapes. A day of trail riding around Salisbury Plains with Justin (aka SP Stigg) is a wonderful workout that will sharpen your skills and leave you grinning from ear to ear!

“Trig and Sam gave us a great day out, very tired but very happy. The instructors were very knowledgeable and horribly talented. The instructional style is very relaxed and coaches you in the techniques that will best suit your particular needs. Salisbury Plain offers a broad range of terrain in which to practice/develop your off road skills. Highly recommended, and even if you only mainly ride on the road, there are transferrable skills.” – G.C

The Peak District: Rocky, narrow, gritty tracks are par for the course when you choose a trail riding day in the Peak District! From disused railways to single-file paths with steep inclines, trail riding days in the Peak District are for those with an adventurous heart! JB is an excellent guide who knows the area like the back of his hand – each adventure is uniquely unforgettable.

Body and bike: The physical impact of dirt bike riding on trails

Embarking on a trail riding day is not just a casual spin; it’s an energetic workout for body and bike. You’re relying on your reactions and fitness as well as the power and finesse of your machine. So if you’re asking yourself if trail riding days are thrilling escapades or physically demanding challenges, the simple answer is, they’re both!

You’ll be led through slippery fields, clad in safety gear, to practice the basics:  gentle throttle, no brakes, lean forward, elbows up. It’s a different world, where skids are embraced, not avoided.

It sounds simple, but it’s a stance and riding approach that demands strong legs, arms and shoulders. After hours of navigating wooded byways, muddy tracks, and unavoidable ruts by paddling along and standing on the footpegs you’ll be sweating with the exertion and grinning with accomplishment.

As the day wears on, your confidence grows, and you’ll appreciate the break for lunch. It’s a chance to rest, compare notes with your guide and fellow riders, and catch your breath for an afternoon of adventure.

So, is trail riding physically demanding? Undoubtedly. But the physical exertion is intertwined with exhilaration, laughs, and the satisfaction of mastering challenging terrains. It’s a journey where your body becomes stronger and develops muscle memories that will echo far beyond the muddy trails.

Choose your own off-road adventure

Trail riding days open a world of possibilities with every twist of the handlebar. Whether you’re a novice seeking the thrill of the first muddy splash or an experienced rider honing your skills, trail riding days beckon. Booking a day of adventure with Phoenix Trails is easy and if you have any questions before you join us, our friendly team are waiting for your call. 

So, why wait? Trail riding days offer more than a scenic escape; they unleash the exhilaration of mastering control in tricky conditions. Choose your own adventure, embrace the unknown, and let the trails rewrite your story in the mud beneath your wheels. Get in touch with us today!
Equip yourself with the best trail riding gear for a day trip, with sturdy adventure-style boots and comfortable dirt-bike-ready clothing. The trails we take you on aren’t just dirt paths; they’re gateways to self-discovery, developing skills and camaraderie. Treat yourself to a trail riding day – where every twist becomes a tale, and every trail, a chapter.

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