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Can Ladies Learn to Ride a Motorcycle and Get Their Licence Easily?

23/02/20 by Mark Jaffe

Most motorcyclists you see on the road are men. In fact, in London a whopping 92% of motorbike riders are guys. That’s not to say women can’t ride a motorcycle, just that it remains a largely male-dominated choice of transport. Most female motorcyclists are found in cities, Belfast claims the highest percentage of female riders with 16%. This seems to indicate women choose to get their motorcycle licence for commuting and the ease of getting around a city. For guys, on the other hand, it can be more of a lifestyle choice. Still, ladies can learn to ride a motorcycle just as surely as the guys can, and getting a licence is easy if you choose a supportive and encouraging group to teach you to ride.

Ladies learning to ride

It’s the same process for getting a motorcycle licence for women as it is for men. The first step is likely to be your Compulsory Basic Training course (CBT) after which you’ll need to take a Mod 1 and Mod 2 course and test to get a full motorcycle licence.

The wide range of motorcycles means there’s bound to be a motorcycle out there that suits your size, style and riding ability. The industry has also become a little more female-friendly. There used to be just one style of gloves and jacket available for women, now there are walls of ladies motorcycle equipment to choose from in motorbike shops.

Phoenix caters to aspiring motorcyclists of all ages and genders. Typically, there are more guys who want to get their motorcycle licence, but the ratio of men to women is not nearly as dramatic as the spilt of male to female for city riders. Roughly 75% of our students are men and 25% women. Nearly all of our motorcycle instructors are men, but the women in our business who ride are just as enthusiastic about motorbikes as the guys are – in some cases, more!

What our female students say about getting a motorcycle licence

The ladies who’ve taken their CBT and Full Licence Training with us are generally just as complimentary as our male students. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from our female motorcycle training students in recent months.

“Over my journey to learn to ride from complete beginner (May 2018) to gaining my [full] A licence (June 2019) I passed all modules the first time. I met Chris, Dan and Greg; they each have their own approach to teaching but they are all very welcoming, patient, highly knowledgeable, and friendly. A great bunch! Thank you, Phoenix!” – Sarah Jane

“I’m a mature lady learning to ride and [Phoenix Motorcycle Training] was recommended to me by another lady rider. I cannot praise Martin and Mickey highly enough, they were extremely patient, informative, and very calm at all times. They gave me the confidence to get through all the stages of the test, and I am very happy to report that I now have my riders licence first time around … In my view, Phoenix Motorcycle Training is a first-class organisation and I would be happy to recommend them to others.” – Karen.

A growing percentage of motorcyclists are women

Despite men having dominated motorcycling for decades, women are beginning to change the status quo. A steady increase in women holding a licence of some kind has been seen since the mid-1970s, most notably in older age-groups the 60 – 70+-year-olds.

Although the rise in motorcycle licencing for women has taken a little longer to grow – just one brave woman was licenced to ride a motorcycle in 1910 – a steady increase is now being seen. More than half a million female motorcyclists use UK roads today. Alongside the increase in women training for and achieving their motorcycle licences, female-only riding events and motorcycle groups are popping up all over the country.

According to statistics, if you are a woman motorcyclist, you’re most likely to own a Honda, spend more on keeping your bike nice than the average man, be around 37 years of age and named Sarah. So, if you’d like to ride a motorbike but thought it was an activity just for men, don’t be fooled any longer! The freedom of two wheels and the open road is for anyone willing to learn to ride.