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Can you carry a pillion passenger on a CBT license?

We’re often asked the question “Can you carry a pillion passenger on a CBT licence?”. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a straightforward yes or no. That’s because it can depend on several factors. The good news is that we’re on hand to help. Here’s the lowdown on pillion passengers.

What is a pillion passenger?

A pillion passenger is simply a passenger that sits behind the rider of a bike or scooter. You must not carry more than one pillion passenger. That passenger must sit astride the bike on a proper seat. They should face forward with both feet on the footrests. You must not carry a pillion passenger unless your motorcycle is designed to do so.

On all journeys, the rider and pillion passenger on a motorcycle, scooter or moped must wear a protective helmet.

Can I carry a pillion passenger with CBT licence?

Once your CBT has been completed, you’ll receive a certificate (DL196). This proves you have successfully completed the motorcycle training course. However, in most cases, if you wish to carry pillion passengers (and ride without L plates or travel on the motorway) you’ll need to obtain a full license, which includes passing a theory and practical test.

The only way it can be possible, is if you have a car licence and a CBT certificate (or just a car licence provided it was acquired before 1 February 2001). Then you automatically have a ‘full’ moped licence, meaning you can ride a moped with no L-plates, and you can carry a pillion passenger.

If you don’t have a car licence (just your provisional and a CBT) you cannot carry pillion passengers. Once you’ve got an AM moped license (or higher) and passed your moped or motorcycle theory and practical tests, you can take a passenger.

So, when people ask us “can you carry a pillion passenger on a CBT?” we need to understand their situation to be able to give them the right answer!

Can I carry a passenger on a 50cc moped with a CBT certificate?

Assuming you haven’t got a car licence, you would need an AM Moped License with your theory and practical tests passed (as mentioned above).

To do this, you must be at least 16 years old. You also have to complete your CBT first. You must pass the Motorcycle Theory Test, undertake training and a Practical Test on a machine up to 50cc. Only then can you carry a pillion passenger on a CBT.

What happens if you get caught with a passenger on a CBT?

It is illegal to carry a pillion passenger with just a CBT certificate (see above). If you do so, you could be fined, and points added to your licence.

Carrying pillion passengers isn’t as simple as being licenced to do so. Knowing how to ride with the extra weight behind you will keep you, and your passenger, safer on the road. Your bike will be heavier, it won’t steer as easily or brake as quickly when you have a second person on board. You’re literally taking someone’s life in your hands when they’re on your bike. Learning how to keep them—and you—safe is important.

If you’d like to improve your skill at carrying passengers on your motorcycle, learn how to filter better, ride on motorways, or have any other questions about how to carry a pillion passenger on CBT licence simply get in touch. Our team will ask you a few questions and guide you to the help you need to develop your skills.

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