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Dirt Bike Riding in London: 3 Awesome Trails to Try

While London may be renowned for its historical landmarks and cultural attractions, there’s another side to London that caters to thrill-seeking outdoor enthusiasts. Dirt bike riding in London may not be the first thing to spring to mind when considering days out. It’s a sport usually associated with sprawling terrains and open landscapes. But if you’re keen to give it a try, you needn’t travel too far.

In this article, we’ve listed three of the best dirt bike trails in London. You’ll get all the details you need for the perfect blend of excitement and metropolitan convenience. So, if you’re up for an unconventional city break, grab your helmet and gear, London’s dirt bike trails are calling your name!

Can I go dirt bike riding in London?

The very nature of dirt bike riding calls for green lanes and untarmacked trails. For that reason, the five best dirt bike trails in the UK are outside of the city. Even so, it’s possible to use a London travel ticket to experience the thrill of dirt bike riding. Whether you want to ride your own dirt bike or hire one for a day, you’ll find something to suit you below.

London may not be known for its dirt bike trails, but that’s not to say there’s nowhere you can legally ride a trail bike. London has one managed dirt bike trail within the central district at the Docklands. Two more great trails are just outside the city centre in Sidcup, so you can choose a great dirt biking day that’s close to home. Read on for the low down on dirt bike riding in London.

Docklands KG 5 – dirt bike riding in the heart of London

Once the world’s largest port, today, London’s Docklands are better known as a business district with posh apartments. It’s not generally a place you’d associate with dirt bike riding. Even so, it’s where the KG 5 Dirt bike track is nestled.

The track is around a third of a mile long. Table tops, ski jumps and bermed corners are perfect for new riders to practice. Basic tuition is available for new riders and membership is a reasonable £15 for the year and £15 to ride – if you bring your own dirt bike.

Docklands KG5 Dirt Bike Track caters to younger riders with youth and junior motocross practice days an alternating Sundays. Through the week, the track caters to experienced riders too. Riders can hone their skills with a range of challenges, from gentle inclines and curves and technical sections. Even the most experienced trail riders will be able to put their manoeuvering abilities to the test!

Motocross try-out days start at around £60 per session. The price includes your dirt bike, safety kit and coaching. Costs may be higher for adult riders, so call for a quote before rocking up.

Phoenix Trails, Sidcup London

One of the newest dirt bike riding centres in London is our very own Phoenix Trails. An hour’s ride from central London, the Sidcup Centre introduces trail riders to the joy of green laning. We cater to the complete novice and experienced trail riders alike. Our Sidcup trail riding centre has a training circuit, complete with grass and dirt areas that you can experience the excitement of navigating a bike over loose surfaces.

After getting to grips with the training track, we’ll take you through a series of obstacles to prepare you for the next stage – hours of fun riding around the green lanes of Kent and Surrey. These trails are just minutes from the training centre. You don’t need your own bike either — although you’re welcome to give us a call if you’d prefer to use your own wheels.

Phoenix trail riding days come with everything you’ll need. A Honda CRF250 or Fantic XEJ250 motorcycle for fully licenced riders, full safety gear and lunch when you book a full day. We even provide waterproof oversuits, because part of the fun of trail riding is getting mucky!

Trail riding instructors lead groups across the Kentish Downs after the initial taster sessions. Dirt bike riding taster sessions start at £60. A full day out with our trail riding instructors and groups is £250 with everything included. Book your dirt bike riding in London with us today!

Canada Heights motocross track

A stone’s throw from London, and not far from our own trail riding centre is the Canada Heights motocross track. Arguably the best motocross track in the UK, it’s a haven for dirt bike riders looking for some heart-pounding biking pleasure surrounded by nature’s beauty.

The Sidcup Motorcycle Club owns the Canada Heights dirt biking track. They purchased the property back in 1985 and have since developed it into a premier track with international status. They’ve blended natural features with hair-raising jumps and technical obstacles that will challenge even the most experienced rider.

The club welcomes all levels of riders and, although many of their dates cater to club members, they do hold events for members of the ACU clubs and some days are open to all dirt bike enthusiasts. Check out the Sidcup Motorcycle Club website for full details about their track and access.

Can I go trail riding in London?

Off-road riding in the UK is essentially limited to green lanes, otherwise known as Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATs). Sadly, there aren’t any BOATs in the city because, well, it’s an urban area. BOATs and green lanes are in the countryside, so you’ll need to head away from the bustling streets and asphalt roads to give dirt biking a try on your own.

There are a few managed dirt biking tracks in and around London. Check out one of the managed trail riding centres and tracks we’ve noted above. They’re great options to explore if you think this type od adventure is for you.

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