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Discover the Excitement of Off-Roading with Dirt Bike Hire

Ever wondered about the sheer exhilaration you’ll get from dirt bike hire? Picture the freedom of the open trail, the crackle of excitement in the air, and the feel of a powerful engine beneath you. That’s the promise that dirt bike hire brings to life.

If you’re ready to trade the ordinary for the extraordinary, it’s time for an off-road adventure. one where the wind whips past you and the track beneath your wheels redefines the joy of two wheels. Dirt bike rental lets you explore untamed paths and uncover the secrets of being wild and free in the UK’s great outdoors.

We’re blessed with hundreds of miles of Green Lanes and some of the world’s most awe-inspiring scenery. Jump on us as we dive into the excitement, freedom and adrenaline-spiked adventure of dirt bike hire services across ol’ Blighty! We’ll reveal the key to unlocking unforgettable experiences on two wheels so you can turn your ride into a story worth telling.

Exploring Dirt Bike Rental Options

Ready to take your dirt bike adventure to the next level? You can hire a dirt bike in most corners of the UK. We’ve taken a brief off-road tour to cover each of the four corners – England, Ireland Scotland and Wales. These tours let you experience a thrill so intense it’s etched in your memories for years. You’ll want to keep coming back to conquer more untamed paths across the British Isles.

England: Phoenix Trails off-road adventure

Phoenix Trails combines dirt bike hire with a unique experience on some of England’s most awe-inspiring trails. Choose from three different yet exhilarating trails. Our peak riding experience traverses trails across the West Pennines. An expansive exploration of trails crisscrossing Salisbury Plains is a favourite. Or choose to chalk up your off-road riding adventure to a guided dirt bike day in Kent’s North Downs.

Phoenix Trails puts your safety first, so our riding days include dirt bike rental plus the protective gear you need for a safe two-wheeled experience. Bring a valid UK motorcycle licence and wear comfortable dirt bike clothing. It’ll make tearing up the trails with a qualified and experienced trail riding instructor more fun.

With four different trail riding tours to choose from – Taster Sessions, Beginner, Intermediate and Extended trail rides – there is something for everyone to enjoy. Trail riding experiences with dirt bike hire range in price from £99 to £270. Multi-day tours cost a little more. Pricing depends on the length and location of your trail riding experience. Book a dirt bike experience in England today!

Northern Ireland: Dirt bike touring around the Emerald Isle

If it’s an Irish adventure that’s calling you Dirt Bike Tours Ireland, combines natural conditions with thrilling routes. And they have tours for riders of all levels. From mountain trails to forest adventures and even snow challenges in winter, Dirt Bike Tours Ireland caters to diverse preferences.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, these guided Dongel mountain tours offer the off-road experience of a lifetime. Shorter off-road training sessions start at £180 per person. Longer tours start at £230 including dirt bike rental and safety gear.

Scotland: Dirt bike hire and group tours

Scotland has some breathtaking scenery and astounding terrain that calls for two-wheeled exploration! You’ll easily find dirt bike hire around this pretty country and group off-road motorcycle experiences that blend safety with thrills. Dirt bike hire tends to come with a little training. This is perfect if you’re swapping your road wheels for some off-road excitement.

Look for adventure groups or dirt bike hire companies that include everything you need. That prepares you with a safety brief, initial assessment, and selected off-road lessons to ensure a safe yet exhilarating adventure. And of course, the right trail riding gear should be included too. Check the fine details before you part with your payment!

Ride Off-Road Scotland includes dirt bike hire in their sessions. Choose between 90-minute Off-Road Try Outs, 3-Hour tours, or their immersive Full Day Off-Road Experience.

Wales: Off-Road motorcycle hire options

Wales beckons you to an off-road adventure with Trail Riding UK. Steve Askin is on a mission to introduce road riders to the addictive nature of off-road adventures. From guided trail riding with bike hire to tailored experiences for novices, this Welsh adventurer promises skill improvement and the joy of countryside exploration. With a focus on safety, professionally guided trail riding in Wales is an invitation to embrace the unexpected.

Renting dirt bikes without tours or kit

There are oodles of motorcycle rental companies across the UK, but not so many are willing to lend off-road machines. Still, it’s not impossible to hire a dirt bike for a weekend. You can take one out with your gear and put it through its paces. It’s an ideal way to try out different dirt bikes before you commit to buying any particular make or model.

Eagle Rider rents superbikes, dirt bike motorcycles and tourers to riders across the globe. Of course, just like hiring a car, you’ll need to show a valid motorcycle licence and adhere to the rental terms and conditions of contract. It depends on what they have in stock at the time you want to hire if different bikes advertised are available.

Hiring a motocross machine along with time at a Motocross track is another alternative worth considering if you’re looking an unguided track adventure. The UK is dotted with motocross tracks, some offer dirt bike rental along with your track time. You’ll need to contact the tracks closest to you to find out their dirt bike hire availability and policies.

Top-rated dirt bike hire services in the UK

Choosing the right dirt bike hire or tour company is crucial for an unforgettable experience. Diving into user reviews and ratings will give you a feel for the credibility of the business you’re considering making a booking with. 

Whether you’re hankering to explore England’s rugged landscapes with Phoenix Trails, navigate Welsh mountains, or customise an Irish adventure, real experiences shared by fellow riders help you choose a journey that exceeds expectations. Don’t just take our word for it—let the community vouch for the thrill.

Dirt Bike Hire: What’s Included?

Ready to hit the trails but wondering what’s included with dirt bike hire? Check carefully before you book your off-road ride to make sure you’re getting what you think you’re paying for. Some companies rent dirt bikes without the gear – you’ll need to bring that with you. And that’s fine if you’ve got what you need for a safe adventure. If you’re just dipping your toes into off-road adventuring, trail riding experiences complete with the kit you need are a better choice.

At Phoenix Trails, your off-road adventure comes fully equipped. For all trail riding experiences, you get full protective gear—helmets, boots, gloves, jackets, trousers, and optional motocross-style body armour. We also throw in a light lunch to refuel part way through the day.
For those eyeing an overseas thrill, explore longer trips to the Andalusian mountains in Spain with Phoenix and Trailworld.

When you choose Phoenix Trails, you’ll get a chance to ride Honda CRF250 and Fantic XEJ250 off-road motorcycles. Plus you’ll get comprehensive gear and expert instruction included in our dirt bike hire packages. Call 0330 2234000 option 3 to connect with our experts and gear up for an unforgettable ride. Speak with one of our team today!

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