What kind of safety gear should I get for riding a motorcycle or moped?

Wearing a helmet when you ride is a legal requirement (please see above), but it is also wise to wear the right clothing when you ride a motorcycle or moped – a crash can be extremely serious, even more so if you’re not properly equipped.

Visors or goggles are a must – these will protect your eyes from insects, wind, rain and dust particles. It is advisable to wear a visor on your helmet, or goggles if you have a visor-less helmet, even if you normally wear spectacles when you ride.

Clothing should be made from leather, hard-wearing nylon or other man-made material and have additional protection for shoulders, elbows, and knees. It’s wise to look for all-weather options as riding when wet and cold is not only uncomfortable, it can make it difficult to concentrate on the road and traffic conditions.

Gloves are essential kit, as are riding boots. Riding without protection for your hands or feet can result in serious damage if you come off your bike – even at low speeds. Gloves and boots should be tough, waterproof, and supple enough to allow you to move freely and operate all the controls on your motorbike or moped.

Additional clothing, such as earplugs to reduce noise, or wearing another layer of clothing such as thin gloves and woollen socks in cold weather is also advisable.