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Five Last-Minute Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

23/12/19 by Mark Jaffe

With Christmas just two days away, you might be looking for some last-minute gifts and stocking fillers for the motorcycle rider in your life. Or maybe for yourself! We’ve checked high and low to bring you what we think are the best last-minute gifts for motorcycle riders. Safety and comfort are always top of our list when it comes to motorcycling. We’ve got some of the best small and large gifts in that area for you below. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!


Improve your skill training vouchers

Regardless of how long someone has been riding a motorcycle for, there is always room for improvement. From upping a motorcycle licence level to advanced training and tests that can lower insurance premiums and improve skill levels, we have a gift voucher that can cover it. If you’d just like to give someone a nudge in that direction, you can choose the amount of the gift voucher or pay for a full advanced training course; the choice is yours! No need to worry about delivery times either – simply print out the voucher or email and voila! Everything is ready for wrapping.


Keep it clean

Once someone has been bitten by the two-wheeled bug, there’s no going back. Help them take care of their pride and joy with some thunderbolt cleaning wipes. This pack included 35 waterless wash wipes that are infused with cleaning products to wipe away grease, brake dust and more leaving a protective coating in its wake. 1 specially designed microfiber cloth for buffing all surfaces to a magnificent shine is also included.


Cosy and warm

You might not be able to stretch to a pair of premium winter motorcycling gloves but these little hotties make a great Christmas stocking filler for a winter biker. Simply snap the clip inside the sealed pack to activate and pop them into your gloves for 8 hours of toasty-warm hands. Perfect for cold winter days and early morning starts.


Be seen, be safe

Making sure you can be seen on the road is one of the best things a motorcyclist can do to enhance their safety. Reflective stickers for helmets are one way to do this. These particular ones are perfect for anyone planning a European tour as they’re compliant with French regulations, come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit any helmet; they even have instructions on how to place them.


Cushioned by air

Airbags in cars improve the safety of passengers and drivers in cars immensely. Car airbags are activated upon impact. Now, similar technology is available for motorcyclists. A range of airbag jackets and vests from Helite Moto can be purchased online. They’re not cheap, and by necessity don’t work in exactly the same way as a car’s airbag, but they will cushion a rider and provide further protection for necks and torsos in an accident.

Probably something for under the tree, rather than a stocking filler – unless your pockets are deep and your stockings are MASSIVE! You can see how each of the airbag jackets work in the clip below.