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How long does it take to learn how to ride a motorcycle?

Jas Murphy November 26, 2020

Really great motorcyclists never really stop learning. Constantly building on your skills increases your enjoyment and safety when you’re out on the road. However, there is a minimum level of competency that’s needed to ride a motorcycle, and because everyone is different and has aptitudes in diverse areas, there is no single answer to how long it will take you to learn to ride a motorcycle. That said, most people are usually able to learn the basics of motorcycle riding in a day and achieve their CBT certificate so that they can continue practising for a few months before they take their licence test.

Tips for learning to ride a motorbike

If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, the prospect of mounting and riding can feel a little daunting. It’s wise to find some classes to learn motorbike riding near you before you purchase a motorcycle of your own.

Below is a clip that illustrates some of the basic skills all riders need to master in order to ride safely on the road, or even off-road.

When you’re learning to ride a motorbike in the UK, you should be able to find a school that provides all the equipment you’ll need. The initial Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, that most people need to complete as part of their training for a licence, will take you through the theory of riding before you try the practical elements and get on a motorcycle or scooter. This natural progression can make the learning process easier.

Phoenix Motorcycle Training schools provide all the equipment students need to learn how to ride. Along with the right protective equipment, you’ll be matched to a motorbike, moped or scooter that is the right power to weight ratio for your size, age and the licence level you wish to obtain.

The first thing you’ll need to master, after the theory elements of the training, is balancing on the motorcycle. It can help if you’ve ridden a bicycle before as you’ll have natural muscle memory for balancing on two wheels.

Take your time learning to ride

There is no point trying to rush through your motorcycle training course. It takes time to master new skills and become competent enough to ride safely. Look around for CBT motorcycle training near you to find a school that you’ll be comfortable learning to ride with.

All qualified CBT instructors need to take students through a standard curriculum to ensure they understand and master all the necessary skills before they can approve your DL196 certification. Training courses can be tailored for student’s skills and great instructors not only help you focus on areas that you need to improve in, but they also make the training fun. Most of the students at Phoenix Motorcycle Training schools learn how to ride a motorcycle and pass their CBT courses on the first try and within a single full day of training and practice.

If you take a little longer to learn, that’s OK too. Everyone learns at a different pace and we all find some things harder than others. Try not to put pressure on yourself to learn within a certain time frame as this can be counterproductive for your training and make it even harder to master two-wheeled travel!


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