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7 benefits of riding to work: motorcycle training and licence vs commuting by car or train

Vic Womersley October 18, 2022

Train workers are striking again. Petrol and diesel prices are near their all-time high and the cost of living keeps climbing. Getting to work is almost as stressful as being there. Deciding on some motorcycle training and a licence is one way to beat the squeeze and arrive with a smile.

Riding a motorcycle or scooter to work can be a lot cheaper than the other options for your commute. Particularly if you’re too far away to cycle in with pedal power. What’s more, motorcycle training and licence courses are found all over the UK and you could qualify to legally motor into work on two wheels within a weekend.

Avoiding the car or train and the cost that goes with it is just one reason to choose motorcycle training and a licence over a regular commute.  Better health, wealth and spicing up your mornings with a bit of fun before you start your work day are some more reasons to consider learning to ride.

Read on for 6 great reasons to ditch the regular commute and grab yourself a motorbike instead.

#1 Motorcycle training and licence courses are quick

The first step to a full motorcycle licence is to gain your compulsory basic training (CBT) certificate. The CBT lets you ride a scooter or small motorbike on all UK roads aside from motorways. There is no need to gain a higher motorcycle licence if you’re happy riding a smaller bike or scooter.

There are five steps to CBT certification. All can be completed within a weekend. Choosing a motorcycle training and licence course near you could mean catching the train home on a Friday and riding to work the following Monday. The five steps of a CBT cover all of the basics and only safe riders become certified to ride.

#2 Riding to work is good for your health

You may it’s only cycling to work that’s good for your health, but you’d be wrong. While motorbikes do have their dangers, riding them is actually regarded as light exercise. The muscular control and balance needed to ride are good for your body and a great way to start your day.

A study conducted by UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behaviour in 2018 showed motorcycle riding was good for your mind too. Riding a motorcycle improves focus, sensory processing and visual attention, more so than driving a car or passively sitting on a train. Riding a motorcycle to work will help you arrive happier and healthier each day.

#3 Motorcycles are faster

We’re not talking about straight-line speed – although many two-wheeled machines will beat a four-wheeled one on a track. Motorcycles can get from A to B faster than a car because they can avoid traffic jams and filter through congested roads with ease.

Cars get stuck in traffic, trains get delayed and cancelled, but motorbikes and scooters can avoid jams and get you where you need to go faster and more reliably. Motorcycle training and a licence are the best way to get to work on time, every time.

#4 Motorcycles are cheaper

A motorcycle uses less petrol than a car. When it comes to commuting by train, a monthly ticket from Guildford to London will cost you almost £400. A commute of the same distance on a scooter or small motorbike will cost you around half of that.

Obviously, the smaller the motorcycle, the less petrol it will consume per trip. If you choose your two wheels wisely, you can save on every journey. It’s the same for parking too. Parking your motorcycle when arrive is a lot easier than cruising for a vacant spot in city car parks.

#5 Motorcycles are more fun

There is a reason motorcycles have the reputation they do. There is no denying they are fun to ride. Riding a motorcycle calls for focused attention at all times, keeping you in the present, aware of the road and enjoying the environment around you.

A 2017 study by Visor Down found that commuting to work with a motorcycle was the least stressful form of transport. In fact, it was six times less stressful than driving a car.

#6 Motorcycle training and licences are more practical

In a world of ever-increasing prices, commuting to work with a motorcycle or scooter is far more practical than the other options. You get to choose when you leave and you’ll never be late thanks to a missed train or bus again.

Riding to work over longer distances is no more uncomfortable than driving in a car. You may even find it’s more comfortable if you choose the right kind of bike.

#7 Riding a motorcycle to work is better for the environment

Motorcycles are a low-emission form of transport compared to cars. These smaller and lighter vehicles burn less fuel and emit less carbon monoxide and greenhouse gasses than four-wheeled transport. The average urban or commuter class scooter or motorbike produces around half the emissions of a car.

If any CO2 emissions are too much in your book, choosing motorcycle training and a licence for a small 4kW engine scooter or motorcycle will let you ride clean and green to work and back. It’ll cost a lot less than a family-sized EV too. You’ll arrive faster than a bicycle and with a halo just as big.

Getting from A to B, easy parking, lower road tax and petrol prices are all good reasons to choose to commute to work or college, with a motorbike or scooter.

Motorcycle training and license courses can be taken without needing to buy a scooter or motorcycle first. Phoenix’s training centres provide motorcycles and scooters for learning along with all the gear you’ll need to learn.

Choosing motorcycle training and a licence will keep you healthier and happier for longer. Why not find out about a motorcycle training and licence course near you today?


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