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StreetSKILLS 101 Motorcycle Training Days: Boost Your Rider Skill With Real-Time Data

Riding a motorcycle is a continual learning curve. No matter if you’re new to two wheels or a seasoned road rider, there’s always a new lesson waiting around the corner. Motorcycle training days can help you improve your skill faster. motoDNA takes motorcycle training one step further with StreetSKILLS 101.

These new data-enhanced motorcycle training days give you a virtual coach to ride along with. This kind of virtual coaching is the first of its kind globally and is currently only available in the UK through Phoenix Motorcycle Training.

The motoDNA digital academy analyses the StreetSKILLS 101 data to give riders helpful feedback and tips. Each riding day is turned into a fun motorcycle training day thanks to the data that’s collected.

What are motoDNA and StreetSKILLS 101?

Developed by Mark McVeigh, the Irish 250GP Championship runner-up, motoDNA uses real-time rider data to help motorcyclists improve.

Mark used his road-riding and racing experience, combined with his engineering know-how and knowledge of psychology to develop the motoDNA rider’s academy and technology. He aims to empower the motorcycle community – new riders and old – towards zero.

that’s zero crashes and zero fatalities. It’s an ambitious, but not impossible aim. By collecting rider data through sensors, each motorcyclist can understand their riding strengths and weaknesses. The raw, real-world data is fed through learning algorithms that measure and score a rider’s ability. This allows it to interpret rider behaviour and provide feedback so they can improve and become safer riders on the road.

motoDNA’s StreetSKILLS 101 module develops a rider’s skill, craft and mindset. Poor road craft leads to bad habits and higher risk on the road.

Rider data is collected with the help of a GoPro and uploaded to the motoDNA digital academy. This provides accurate insights into riders’ intuitive reactions. The data helps to develop core skills on the training circuit. The same system gamifies further training by allowing riders to compare their data with friends and their coach.

StreetSKILLS 101 motorcycle training days

StreetSKILLS 101 motorcycle training days improve licenced riders’ skills dramatically. What’s more, it’s done in a fun, data-backed way. These training days include a number of training course exercises and one month of free access to the online motoDNA digital academy.

Throughout the StreetSKILLS 101 training, you’ll develop your core skills and improve intuitive reactions with simulated real-world hazards. Students practise various manoeuvers such as figure eights, emergency braking and slow-speed balance.

After your training, access to the digital academy for motoDNA lets riders compare their data with thousands of other riders around the globe and improve areas of weakness to become safer on the road.

Who are the StreetSKILLS 101 motorcycle training days for?

StreetSKILLS 101 motorcycle training days are for licenced riders who want to get greater enjoyment from motorcycling while improving road safety. The data-driven coaching and user dashboard of the motoDNA digital academy lets riders easily see their progress and compare data with their friends and coach.

A new style of motorcycle training days

The beauty of the StreetSKILLS 101 motorcycle training is in the bespoke data. There is no more guesswork for developing rider skills. The cutting-edge technology allows you to visualise your motorcycling behaviour easily and clearly. Graphs, charts, step-by-step instructions, and tips for improving skills are part of this motorcycle training package.

The psychological elements of this digital training technology make learning fun and motivate riders to continually improve their style and on-road skills. Leaderboards add another competitive element to the training, increasing enjoyment further for groups of riders.

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Format of the courses:

Half Day (3 Hours) Morning or afternoon – Cost £119

  • Arrive and sign on
  • Safety Briefing and an overview of the course
  • Practice – You will be given time to familiarise yourself with the course plus a few tips
  • Recorded session on the course
  • Upload of the data to the system
  • Feedback on the data from the instructors
  • Feedback on how to improve your riding
  • Conclusion and what’s next

Full Day (6 Hours) – Cost £189.00

  • Arrive and sign on
  • Safety Briefing and an overview of the course
  • Practice – You will be given time to familiarise yourself with the course plus a few tips
  • Recorded session on the course
  • Upload of the data to the system
  • Feedback on the data from the instructors
  • Lunch Break
  • Practical training from an instructor to improve your skills in 5% increments
  • Re-run of the recorded session
  • Upload of the data to the system
  • More feedback and analysis of the changes in the data
  • Conclusion

Advanced Rider Courses with Phoenix Motorcycle Training

StreetSKILLS 101 is just one of the advanced rider skills courses we offer students. We have decades of experience teaching people to ride and improve their skills on two wheels. We offer a number of skill-building motorcycle training days for licenced riders.

Enhanced Rider Scheme

Our Enhanced Rider Scheme is for new licence holders and returning motorcyclists. This course has seven core elements. Each module is designed to fit individuals. Students spend more time on the elements they are weakest in.

After completing the enhanced rider scheme motorcycle training days, students get a certificate. This certificate can be used to verify a rider’s higher-level skill. Some insurance companies accept this certificate as evidence for reducing policy premiums.

Rider Plus Motorcycle Training Days

Designed to suit riders that want to sharpen their skills before taking a full motorcycle licence test or riders who just want to build their skills, these motorcycle training days aim to equip riders for on-road mastery.

Rider Plus training days focus on observation, planning, machine control and hazard perception skills and are led by a DVSA-approved instructor.

Diamond Advanced and Diamond Elite Motorcycle Training Days

Perfect for motorcyclists who want to develop their defensive and eco-riding skills, diamond advanced training has a number of parts. Starting with theory sessions, the diamond advanced motorcycle training is perfect for many riders. Riders who need an occupational road risk assessment, wish to become instructors or ride for a living will find it most useful.

Diamond Elite courses help motorcyclists level up their skills further by teaching them defensive and eco-riding skills over a 150 to 180 mile ride.

Blue Riband Advanced Rider Training

Endorsed by the DVSA, Blue Biband Advanced Motorcycle Training was developed by the British Motorcycle Federation (BMF). This course aims to enhance rider safety and enjoyment. BMF-certified instructors lead these courses and students use their own bikes. The courses are one-to-one training so students have the instructor’s full attention.

Post-licence motorcycle training days

Intentionally improving your motorcycling skill helps you gain greater enjoyment from motorcycling. Learning to ride to gain a motorcycle licence is only the beginning of a motorcycling career.

Developing your motorcycling skill further with advanced rider courses keeps you safer on the road. Learning defensive and economical riding skills can also lower the cost of motorcycling by reducing insurance premiums and fuel costs. Get in touch today to learn more about our latest advanced training with StreetSKILLS 101 technology.

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