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Many of our clients ask, “what is an advanced rider?” and the answer is simple – advanced riders have taken additional courses to enhance and develop their skills. All of the advanced motorcycle training will give you greater confidence and competence in a range of different riding and traffic conditions. From taking pillion passengers safely to riding in challenging conditions, each advanced motorcycle training course we offer is designed to improve riding skills and confidence on the road.

Enhanced Rider Scheme

Enhanced Rider Scheme assessments can only be carried out by registered DVSA instructors.

This is the first step toward gaining an ‘Advanced Rider Award’ and involves an assessment of your skills. Unlike most advanced motorcycle training, there is no test. If you pass the initial assessment, you’ll get a certificate without the need for further training. If necessary, you’ll get support and training to improve your riding skills. All of this training is based on the findings of the assessment, after which you’ll be reassessed.

Fully licenced motorcyclists can take the enhanced rider scheme after passing their test. The scheme is suitable if you:

There are 7 core modules:

Once you get your Enhanced Rider Scheme certificate, you may qualify for a reduced insurance premium with some insurance companies.

This course is designed for:

• Motorcyclists who have recently obtained their licence
• Riders who are returning to the road after a break or want to move up to a more powerful motorcycle
• Riders who just want an impartial check of their motorcycling skill level

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Rider Plus Courses

Rider Plus courses offer motorcyclists lessons that will improve your overall skills.

These courses are perfect for sharpening your skills before you sit the test for a full licence. They’re also great for experienced motorcyclists who want to become better riders. Whichever category you fall into, you’ll find this course is right for developing your skills further with helpful advice and expert tuition.

You’ll enhance your observation, planning, machine control and hazard perception skills. In turn, this helps to reduce errors and the likelihood of causing an accident or getting into one.

All of our Rider Plus courses are delivered by DVSA-approved instructors. These motorcycle trainers apply their years of experience and knowledge to help improve your motorcycle riding skills.

Classes are kept intentionally small with no more than two students per instructor to ensure each participant receives the optimal level of support and attention throughout this advanced motorcycle training course.

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Using Motorways and Carrying Pillion Passengers Course

This advanced motorcycle training covers two essential skills required for all riders. It’s perfect for riders who want to move on from their CBT or gain skills for a higher-level motorcycle licence.

Carrying pillion passengers

This section covers:

Using Motorways

This section covers:

Enhance your skills and learn to ride on motorways and carry passengers

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Bridging the gap to a safer ride

BikeSafe is a national police-run motorcycle initiative. It works with motorcycle riders in a relaxed environment and raises awareness of the importance and value of progressing to accredited post-test training. BikeSafe workshops involve an observed ride with a police-graded motorcyclist or approved BikeSafe observer. With some local variation, BikeSafe workshops aim to cover: attitude, observation, cornering, overtaking, filtering, junctions, group riding, hazard awareness and the system of motorcycle control.

More details at

Diamond Advanced Motorcycle Training Course

All diamond advanced motorcycle training courses are perfect for motorcyclists who wish to develop their skills.

Our Diamond advanced motorcycle training course:

The course starts with a theory session and then moves on to practical sessions. The practical sessions have smaller sections to make it easier for you to focus on building specific skills. You can book these sections on the same day, or over multiple days and at times that are convenient for the student and instructor. Once students reach the required standard, they’ll take a test.


Diamond Advanced training tests take around 1 hour to complete and cover a route of around 16 – 24 miles in which the student will need to demonstrate their skills in a variety of road and traffic conditions, including motorways where possible. Assessment is based on machine control throughout several manoeuvres relevant to the vehicle used in the test, and eco-safe driving techniques.

Tests are conducted by a different trainer/examiner as soon as possible after the advanced motorcycle training has been completed.

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Diamond Elite Training

Motorbike lessons with the Diamond Elite Training spans a day and a half, beginning with a short theory and discussion session that covers the various techniques you will practice. The rest of the day will be taken up with assessments and demonstration rides covering around 150 – 180 miles. There will be numerous stops for road debriefs.

We break the day down into sections, each following on from the previous in a logical manner.

Finish times are dependent on the progress you make over the course of the day, weather conditions and your own enthusiasm for riding.

Depending on the standard you reach throughout the advanced motorcycle training, your test will take place the next day, or as soon as possible after you have completed the training.


Tests are carried out by a different instructor or examiner and take around 2 hours to complete. At the end, you’ll be given a written report on your performance and if you pass, a certificate to show your new qualification will be awarded.

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Blue Riband Advanced Rider Training Course

Blue Riband Advanced Rider Training from the British Motorcyclist Federation (BMF) is endorsed by the DVSA. This course helps experienced motorcyclists improve their skills and technique, furthering their enjoyment of motorcycling. Blue Riband Advanced Rider training is a one-to-one course and only BMF-certified instructors train riders.

Blue Riband advanced rider training courses offer:

Motorcycles used for the courses must be capable of coping with the speed and distances travelled. We strongly recommend a minimum power output of 33bhp so students can maintain progress at the national speed limit for both A roads and motorways. This level of power (or higher) also enables students to overtake quickly when required.

Students must have held a full a motorcycle licence for a minimum of 6 months and preferably taken a rider plus or Enhanced Rider Scheme course before enrolling for one of the Blue Riband Advanced Rider courses.

Blue Riband courses are quite intensive and riders should have spent some time before taking one of the courses studying a copy of Motorcycle Roadcraft.

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Concentrated Blue Riband Advanced Rider training

This advanced motorcycle training course covers a day and a half starting with a theory session that includes a discussion about the range of techniques you will practice in the practical elements.

Practical elements include demonstration and assessment rides. Each element will include stops throughout for road debriefs. The finish time is dependent on your progress through the day, the weather, and your enthusiasm over the course of the day.

Assessments are carried out by a different instructor/examiner and last for around one hour. Once completed, a comprehensive report on your performance covering machine control, information gathering, judgment, and road craft elements of your motorcycle riding skills will be given to you. A copy of this report is also sent to the BMF who will issue your certificate, along with a pin badge, bike sticker, wallet card and full 12-month membership to the BMF. Your certification is valid for three years.

Once you have reached the required standard of riding, the Blue Riband Assessment will be booked (usually for the following day, or as soon as possible after you have competently completed the training).

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Standard Blue Riband Advanced Rider training

This advanced motorcycle training course starts with a theory session, similar to the concentrated Blue Riband Advanced Rider training course.

Practical sessions have the same content as concentrated training; however, we hold these at times convenient to the student and instructor. Once you reach the required skill level, an assessment is carried out. We hold this as close to the completion of the advanced motorcycle training as possible in the same way as detailed for the Concentrated Blue Riband training course.

Standard Blue Riband Advanced Rider training course fees depend on how quickly students’ progress through each element. However, costs are generally around the same as our concentrated courses.

Assessments for the Blue Riband Advanced Rider Training can be booked separately

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