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How much is the cost of advanced motorcycle training?

Jas Murphy November 26, 2020

The cost of advanced motorcycle training directly correlates to the skills you’ll gain and the length of the course. There are many advanced rider courses. Some will help to lower your insurance premiums. Others will focus on specific skills such as using motorways and carrying pillion passengers safely.

Because there are so many different kinds of advanced motorcycle training courses, there is no ‘one price fits all’. Advanced rider courses begin in price at around £200. The longer the course and the more advanced it is, the higher the cost of advanced motorcycle training is.

The benefits of improving your skill

Improving your skill with advanced motorcycle training is a great way to increase your safety and enjoyment on the road. It can also help you to decrease your fuel costs. Some advanced courses teach you how to ride in ways that conserve petrol.

Phoenix Motorcycle Training has one of the widest ranges of advanced motorcycle courses for students to choose from. From short, focussed courses aimed at improving specific skills like motorway use or carrying passengers to advanced courses that you take over a couple of days. These courses can include long rides of over 100 miles.

CBT motorcycle training is just the beginning when it comes to learning the necessary skills to be a safe motorcyclist. To really get the most from riding a motorbike, it’s essential to keep learning and building on the foundation skills you practised and gained in your compulsory basic training. Advanced rider courses are one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to do this once you’ve gained your full licence.

Choosing the best advanced rider course for you

Because there are so many different advanced rider courses, deciding which one to take can be difficult. The cost of advanced motorcycle training shouldn’t be your only concern. It’s worth considering where you are on a scale of motorcycling skills before Before jumping into something like DIAmond Elite training.

More experienced riders are likely to get more out of the longer advanced courses. Newer riders should consider the shorter and more focused courses to begin building their range of skills. If you’re not sure of where you sit in terms of motorcycling skills, consider a simple skills assessment. The impartial feedback you get on your motorcycle riding will help you to identify areas for improvement and the kinds of courses you can take to build your skill level.

If you haven’t ridden in a while and are thinking of returning to motorcycle riding for pleasure or necessity, a back-to-biking course is a great way to improve your confidence and brush up on skills before you take to the road.

The advanced rider course you choose will depend on how long you’ve been riding for and the kind of things you want to learn or improve upon.

Where to go to improve your skill

Nearly all motorcycle training centres offer advanced rider courses of some kind. Some courses are DVSA-approved, others are held by the police and run free of charge or for a nominal fee. Still, others are comprehensive and last more than a day. At the end of some courses, you may be awarded a certificate. That lets you prove you’ve achieved a minimum skill level on your bike.

The best advice when it comes to choosing an advanced rider course and a motorcycle training school to take it with is to go with a training centre you have confidence in. Find a motorcycle training centre that isn’t too far away from where you live. Choose a school with staff that are happy to provide guidance on the best course for your individual needs. Avoid schools that only want to direct you to the most expensive course they offer.

As with most skills, additional training is the fastest and most reliable way of becoming better and advancing your knowledge and enjoyment of the activity. If you are considering an advanced rider course and are not sure which one is right for you, give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk with you about the different options for making the most of your motorcycling.


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