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Ever dreamt of cruising the scenic Kent countryside on a motorcycle? Maybe you’re a longtime resident or just arrived, ready to explore everything Kent has to offer on two wheels. Before you hit the open road or off-road tracks, getting your motorcycle license is essential. To get you on your bike, we’ve pulled together the details of the two best schools for Kent motorcycle training.

This blog will help you navigate courses, choose the perfect school, and prepare to experience the thrill of motorcycle riding! Kent is well-known for its beautiful leafy roads. Challenging off-road trails are another delight awaiting two-wheeled adventurers. Whether it’s road-riding or off-road adventure calling, Kent is the ideal place to learn to ride.

So, if you’re wondering “Can I learn to ride a motorcycle in Kent?”, the answer is “YES!”. Read on to learn everything there is to know about Kent motorcycle licence training. We cover all the bases, so you’ll be revved up and ready to go!

The two best motorcycle training schools in Kent

What makes a motorcycle training school great? Experienced, adaptive instructors who can switch their teaching style to suit their students are a good start. A high number of students getting low numbers of minor marks on licence testing is even better. Add flexible scheduling and everything you need included in your training costs and you’ve hit the jackpot. That’s why all of our Phoenix Motorcycle Training centres offer exactly that.

Gillingham, Medway: Learn to ride a motorcycle in Kent

Our Gillingham, Kent motorcycle training school has the full range of motorcycle licence courses. Begin your motorcycle licencing journey with a CBT course. Continue to a full motorcycle licence with Fast Track or DAS licence courses, and progress to advanced skills training at the same school.

We’re open for training from 8 am to 5 pm all week, including weekends. That’s all of our courses. So you can go from novice to pro as you work your way through each of our Kent motorcycle training courses. Most students come to us for CBTs and full motorcycle licence training. DAS training is a simpler way to get the highest level motorcycle licence for your age. All of our course costs include everything you need. That’s safety gear, the right powered motorcycle for your licence choice, insurance and petrol too.

When it comes to full motorcycle licences, it’s easier to pass tests when they’re taken soon after training. That’s why we book test slots for mod 1 and 2 in advance. It gives you the best chance of passing on the first try. It’s one of the reasons our student’s combined first-time pass rates for mod 1 and 2 is a healthy 88%.

“Great and enjoyable training. The instructors all experienced and professional. I always felt safe. They covered tricky routes thoroughly. Some last minute tips by Chris certainly helped me pass my MOD 2”

– Stephen Bonaccorsi, new rider who trained with us at our Kent motorcycle training centre.

Gillingham motorcycle training course costs

The cost of learning to ride a motorcycle in Kent depends on the level of tuition you need. If you have any questions about your day, just give our school a call. They’ll happily answer your questions and can take your booking over the phone. Of course, you can also book online to save time.

Canterbury: Learn to ride a motorcycle

Canterbury Motorcycle Training Centre is one of our newest schools, opening in spring, 2024. You’ll get the same great quality of training here that you can expect from our other schools. We offer the full range of motorcycle training courses too, from Try Rides to Advanced skills training.

The Herne Bay module 1 and module 2 motorcycle licence testing centre is where you’ll put your new skills to the test. The pass rates here are quite respectable. Last year’s pass rates were 76.7% for Mod 1 tests and 73.8% for Mod 2.

How much does motorcycle training cost in Canterbury?

Training costs vary depending on the level of tuition needed. If you’re not sure motorcycling is for you, book a try ride day with us. It’ll help you decide. Once you’re sure it’s for you, choose motorcycle training at our Gillingham or Canterbury schools.

Other motorcycle training centres nearby

Of course, Foots Cray isn’t in Kent. But, once upon a time it was. It became part of South East London when it was swallowed by the city in 1965. Even so, it’s easy to reach from Kent proper. And the wider range of courses makes it worth a mention. We’re proud of our students’ excellent combined Mod 1 and 2 first-time pass rates here. Our motorcycle training instructors have supported their healthy 86% success rate.

Here we have a slightly bigger range of motorcycle courses to offer. You can book a try ride to see if motorcycling is your thing. We also offer back-to-biking days so you can freshen up rusty skills.

Foots Cray motorcycle training courses and costs

Getting your motorcycle licence in Kent

Most Kent motorcycle training schools use either the licencing centre in Gillingham or Herne Bay for Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests.

Regardless of the test centre, pass rates for Mod 1 are always higher. In Gillingham, it sits at 73.1%. Mod 2 pass rates typically drop because the test puts your manoeuvering skills under a microscope. That’s nerve-wracking in and of itself partly explaining the lower 62.4% pass rate at this location.

Ride To is an excellent, impartial resource worth looking at if you’d like to shop around for other Kent motorcycle training. They list trusted motorcycle licence training centres all over the country. Simply tap in your postcode and check the results.

Motorcycle licence training isn’t cheap, so it’s worth doing your due diligence. Look beyond asking about first-time pass rates. Find out what the motorcycle training course costs cover. Ask about your instructor’s experience and check reviews from previous students. This helps you confidently make the best choice.

Wherever you go for your motorcycle training in Kent, the quality of the training is more important than anything else. Ideally, you want an instructor who adapts their style of teaching to your style of learning. Patience, explaining things so you get it, and practice time give you the best chance of passing on your first try. Flexible scheduling means you can choose the best time to get your motorcycle licence with us. So book your CBT today and get out on two wheels faster. Wherever you’re going, start your two-wheeled journey with us!