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Phoenix Motorcycle Training LTD

Does the open road beckon with a whisper asking you to add some adventure to each day? If it’s been a while since you felt the thrill of riding your motorcycle, your skills might be a little rusty. Are you nervous about getting back on the road safely? Sitting behind one wheel instead of straddling two lets your motorcycle skills go stale. A motorcycle refresher course is the perfect way to get back in the saddle.

Traffic has increased by 2.3% in the past decade and road rules have evolved. Understanding the new hierarchy of road users is just one reason to take a motorcycle refresher course before getting your gear out from under the stairs. Dusting off those skills and regaining your confidence on two wheels is another great reason to refresh your two-wheeled mastery before heading out on the road alone.
Building rider skill and confidence is what Phoenix Motorcycle Training are well known for. It’s not just new riders who need a little coaching to become safe road users. Older riders and returning motorcyclists also benefit from a few tips and support. When you ride a motorcycle, you’re always building your skills. We’ve been helping riders do just that for over 20 years. Our experience and enthusiasm have made us the largest and most trusted motorcycle training school in the UK – for beginner CBTs to advanced training and motorcycle refresher courses too!

Are you ready to ride again? Ask yourself these questions

There are as many reasons to choose a motorcycle refresher course as there are for taking a break from riding. Whether you’ve taken a winter break and feel nervous about getting back on your bike or you’re recovering from an accident and want to return as a safer rider, wanting to refresh your on-road skills is a great reason to book a motorcycle skills refresher.

Did you know that returning riders are involved in a similar number of accidents as newly licenced riders? As experience builds, the risk of a crash drops dramatically. The importance of proper preparation can’t be overstated. A motorcycle refresher course is a great way to rev up that experience. But if you’re still not sure it’s the right option for you, ask yourself these questions…

Answering yes to some or all of these questions shows you could be getting back on your motorcycle without the proper preparation.

The longer you are away from riding, the more your motorcycle handling skills deteriorate. Regular practice keeps our neural pathways and muscle memory strong. As skill deteriorates, often confidence goes with it. This can lead to delayed decision-making and slower reaction times. This puts new and returning riders at a higher risk of accidents. What’s more, if you’ve been away from riding for a while, changes in motorcycle designs and performance will lead to being unfamiliar with your controls and the handling of your machine.

4 reasons to take a motorcycle refresher course

Practice makes perfect and a break from riding deteriorates the skills you’ve developed over the years. The longer you’re away from motorcycling, the more likely you’ll need a little support when you get back in the saddle. Investing in a back-to-biking course is a great way to rebuild skills and confidence quickly.

Rebuild skills – fast

A returning rider or motorcycle refresher course with Phoenix Motorcycle Training can be tailored just for you. That’s because these courses are one-to-one. It’s just you and your motorcycle instructor. You’ll get to tell the instructor what you want to work on and they’ll help you reach your goals. So if low-speed manoeuvers make you sweat, or merging onto the motorway has you flustered, you’ll be able to work on those skills and nail it!

Get up-to-date on rules for riders

Road rules are always evolving. In the last decade, there have been many changes to rules affecting motorcyclists. A new hierarchy of road users means each person on UK roads has a certain level of responsibility to others. Not only that but overtaking distances, the use of roundabouts and riding in bus lanes also changed. A motorcycle refresher course will get you up to speed on the changes so you’re safer on the road.

Build your confidence quickly

Road confidence has a huge impact on your safety as a motorcyclist. It helps you make the right decision quickly, a crucial skill when traffic gets tricky. Getting feedback from an instructor not only helps you to refine your skills but also builds your riding confidence with it. That makes you more likely to respond assertively and positively on the road.

“Very welcoming and well-paced course. Instructors clearly enjoyed providing the training and seeing people grow during the day in confidence and skill. Would recommend Phoenix to anyone looking to start or re-enter the motorcycle world.”

Chris Chambers, Phoenix Motorcycle Training student

Reduce the cost of riding

Some motorcycle refresher courses, like the DVSA’s Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) course, are recognised by some insurance companies. Passing this and gaining ERS certification can lead to lower motorcycle insurance premiums, so they’re worth taking, even if you haven’t had a break from riding!

What to expect on a back-to-biking motorcycle refresher course

Booking a motorcycle refresher course is a great way to return to riding on the road confidently, but what can you expect on the day? Different motorcycle training schools will have different approaches, but with Phoenix Motorcycle Training you can expect to kick things off with a friendly chat with your instructor. That’s because our training is tailored to your specific situation and needs. Motorcycle refresher courses can cover any or all of the following:

After talking over the techniques and skills you’d like help with and agreeing on your goals for the day, your instructor will start with practice drills or maybe a revision of theory in the classroom. Imagine low-speed manoeuvers are one of your concerns. You’ll likely start by going over the basics. Your instructor will explain the technique, maybe using a whiteboard to illustrate different points for you to remember. After that, you’ll head out to the practice tarmac to put your knowledge to work. That’ll include practising figures of eight, balancing your clutch control and riding slowly in a straight line.

How much does a motorcycle refresher course cost?

Depending on how much coaching you want, you can choose a half-day or a full day of one-on-one training. Full days cost £200, or £220 if you’d like to use one of the training centre’s motorcycles. Half days start at £100.

Finding a motorcycle refresher course near you

All of our motorcycle instructors for back-to-biking courses are fully qualified and the Enhanced Rider Scheme instructors are DVSA registered. Our team of instructors understand how to adapt their training methods to suit your learning style. That lets you get the most out of any motorcycle refresher course you take with us.
Phoenix Motorcycle Training has over 20 training centres around the UK, so it’s easy to find a motorcycle refresher course near you. If you’re not sure whether the Back to Biking or Enhanced Rider Scheme is right for you, give our team a call to talk about what you want to achieve. They’ll happily point you in the direction and can even take the booking over the phone. Ready to get back on the road with confidence? Book your Phoenix Motorcycle Refresher Course and experience the difference our personalised training can make.