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Do CBT certificates expire?

Jas Murphy November 26, 2020

Nothing lasts forever and CBT certificates are the same. Your CBT certificate expires after two years from the date you got it. If you achieve your motorcycle licence before your CBT certificate expires, there is nothing you need to do.

On the other hand, if you chose not to get a full licence within the two-year period, you’ll need to renew your CBT certificate. This is easily done.

Reasons to ride on a CBT certificate only

Not everyone wants to ride a powerful motorbike. Some people are happy with a moped or scooter. Others of us may have achieved CBT certification knowing that’s all they’ll want or need. Riding a scooter to map the streets of London before taking The Knowledge only requires a CBT certificate too. In two years, you’ll be able to embed the entirety of London’s streets and transfer that knowledge to a black cab driving career!

After gaining CBT certification, there’s no requirement to continue climbing through the UK motorcycle licence levels. If you’re happy with a scooter or moped and don’t need to travel on the motorways, you simply need to renew your CBT every two years.

Renewing your CBT certificate

If you do plan to continue riding with a CBT certificate, there are a few things you need to know.

Although you can continue riding with a CBT certificate for as long as you like – and renew it every two years – an A1 licence won’t need renewing. There’s no need to display L plates with these licences either. And you’ll be able to carry pillion passengers and use the motorways if you need to. Get in touch to learn more about motorcycle and moped licences.


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