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Your path to a full motorcycle licence

Two paths to motorcycle licencing

There are two different ways to become eligible for a full motorcycle licence. Which you choose will depend upon your age and when you developed an interest in becoming a licenced motorbike rider.

The Progressive Approach

Age 16 is the earliest that someone is able to legally ride a motorcycle on the road and embark upon the path toward a full motorcycle licence. Age 21 is the youngest that a person can be to hold a full motorcycle licence.

This route towards a full motorcycle licence is known as the progressive approach and entails applying for your provisional license at 16, completing your CBT course successfully and then passing the theory and practical tests to receive an AM licence. Once you have ridden on an AM class licence for a year, a further theory and practical test would need to be completed to move up to the next level of licence, the A1 class. A further two years riding on an A1 level licence means a rider is then eligible to take a final theory and practical test to obtain a full ‘A’ class motorcycle licence.

Different motorcycle power levels require different licence types.

A ‘Direct Access’ Approach

Of course, not everyone decides they want to become a licenced motorcycle rider at age 16. In these cases, riders can choose to train for the licence level that is appropriate for their age, regardless of prior experience riding a motorcycle.

Whatever the level of motorcycle licence you decide to apply for, a CBT course must be successfully completed before you can take the theory or practical tests associated with that licence type. CBT courses are tailored to each student. For example, a student aiming to achieve an A2 level motorcycle licence will be trained on a higher-powered vehicle than someone taking a CBT course in preparation for an AM level motorcycle licence.

Deciding the best way to train for your full motorcycle licence can seem complicated. To help you choose which course you should take, please take a look at our licence types and age restrictions table on the FAQs page.