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Phoenix Motorcycle Training LTD

Starting a new business on your own can be a daunting prospect. Purchasing a franchise is one way in which you can start. Phoenix Motorcycle Training franchises provide a proven business model and support for your new venture while still allowing you to be the master of your working days. Take a look at the different franchisee packages for on our motorcycle training franchise page.

Before taking the leap into becoming a franchisee, it’s best to make sure that this is the right path for you – owning a motorcycle franchise is a big commitment. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about becoming a franchisee in general, and specifically, becoming a motorcycle training franchisee.

Yes, franchise owners must have the following to be able to purchase a franchise from Phoenix Motorcycle Training:

  • Have had your full motorcycle licence for more than 3 years
  • Be of good character
  • Have a passion for teaching
  • Have the same ethos about motorcycle training as the rest of the Phoenix group
  • Have completed the DVSA’s DAS assessment at Cardington.

There are three different franchise packages available with Phoenix – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each has varying levels of support and access to a range of business systems. You can review all our packages and what is included in them on our franchise page.

Each franchise is sold with an agreement covering a five year period. Once this period comes to an end, the franchisee is welcome to continue running their training centre under the Phoenix Motorcycle Training brand and renegotiate the terms of the agreement for a further period.

Yes, there is no limit to the number of franchises you can purchase or run. Each Franchise has a unique area of 20 miles from the original centre. Additional sites can be opened within this 20 mile radius, but if you wish to expand to another free area with a new 20 mile radius, a new franchise fee will be charged for that new area.

After the agreed franchise period of five years has come to an end, franchise owners are welcome to renegotiate a further franchise period, or return the franchise to Phoenix Motorcycle Training and move on to other ventures.

Absolutely, opening a franchise gives you the benefits of operating a small business with the support of a larger business network. For details of other franchise holders who would be happy to chat with you about their experience as a Phoenix Motorcycle Training franchise owner, please contact [email protected] directly.

Each level of franchise package is sold with a minimum term of five years. After this term has passed, franchise owners are free to renegotiate another franchise period. There is no maximum franchise period.

Unfortunately not. All of the franchises sold by us come with a 20 mile radius of exclusivity, so if you wish to open a training centre with us that impinges upon someone else’s exclusive area, we won’t be able to help you. However, all of our franchise packages include assistance with choosing the correct site and equipment for your franchise.

Earnings of each franchise will vary and are dependent on a number of factors such as the area they service, the days they are available to take courses and the number of courses that they facilitate at their training centre. For further information about the expected income for a Phoenix Motorcycle Training franchise owner, please contact [email protected] directly.

All our franchises are given an exclusivity range of a 20 mile radius around their location with the sale of the franchise. This enables new and established franchise holders to develop their business with minimal competition from other franchisee holders and enjoy building their reputation for providing quality motorcycle training courses.

Operating to tried and trusted methods along with years of experience, all make for a successful reputation and standing within the training industry. Phoenix Motorcycle Training is a leading voice within the motorcycle training and road safety industry and are at the forefront of designing new courses and strategies to cater for an ever changing world.

All new (and existing) franchise owners are provided with a complete guide to setting up the business and help in doing so, as well as full training as a motorcycle instructor if needed. Franchise owners have over the phone support available to them 7 days a week and will also be furnished with the Phoenix Motorcycle training brand guidelines, a business portal page on our highly ranked website and have access to increased buying power for the purchase of insurance, equipment, and advertising.

There are three levels of Franchise package with Phoenix Motorcycle Training – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each package has different levels of business support and access to business management systems – the gold package offers the highest level of business support and access to systems, while the Bronze package still provides everything a franchisee needs to build a reputable and rewarding business.

The biggest challenge is meeting the needs of customers and setting their expectations with regard to the levels of training provided vs the cost of that training. Quality training isn’t cheap but cheap training isn’t quality.

Thanks to the independence of owning a franchise and being supported by a wider business network, franchise owners typically begin turning over a profit within the first year of opening their doors for students to attend courses at their training centre.

There are a number of legal restrictions imposed on ATB’s (Approved Training Bodies and the franchise owner) by the DVSA. These minimum guidelines must be followed in order to legally operate the business.

Franchise owners must also ensure the high standard of training, quality of courses and professional image of Phoenix Motorcycle Training is upheld. All franchises are subject to external audit to ensure they are operating in line with the franchise agreement.

Each franchise is able to set their pricing and opening hours to reflect their own local market conditions and the courses on offer can also vary to reflect the customer’s needs. However, due to close regulation for the motorcycle training industry, there is not a lot of room for variation on course content or many other aspects of what a motorcycle training school can offer.

For more information on the legal restrictions visit:

Each franchise package comes with different levels of business support systems. Both the Silver and Gold level franchise packages come with access to the customer management system, online payment taking facilities, customer call centre and business mentoring. For full details of what each franchise package includes, please check the three franchise packages. Further information about the business support systems offered with each franchise package can be obtained from [email protected].

Of course! All ideas from the franchises are warmly welcomed. New ideas can be shared through the franchise network, making sure we all have access to the best practices to make the training network grow.

Further franchise fees will be dependent on the package that you decide is right for you. For example, Bronze package franchise owners are supplied with an initial stock of advertising brochures and subsequent brochures are charged at cost to the franchisee. Gold package franchise owners have full access to Phoenix Motorcycle Training’s advertising and marketing teams, including assistance at local shows and advice on a range of promotional activities. Mentoring, training and additional support are also scaled according to the franchise package chosen by the individual, additional charges may apply.

The total investment cost for a Phoenix Motorcycle Training franchise varies in accordance to the different franchise packages available. The initial one-off cost for a franchise begins at just £5,000 and a yearly franchise fee of 5% – 15% of the training centre’s annual turnover is payable for the continued use of the brand and support from the business network. For details of further costs such as opening inventory, working capital and recruiting staff, please contact [email protected]

A passion and enthusiasm for motorcycles and motorcycle riding is just the beginning of the qualities needed to make a Phoenix Motorcycle Training franchise a success. As with any business, franchise owners need to be dynamic and flexible in their approach to training and have good customer support and communication skills. Previous experience in a teaching or instructing role would be preferable, although we do provide full on the job training as part of the franchise package.

Absolutely! Silver and Gold package franchise owners both have access to Mentoring for Industry standards and qualifications. For further information regarding business mentoring, please contact [email protected] directly.

You only get out of life what you put into it. Running a successful franchise will mean a reasonable amount of time, especially as most customers want training at the weekends. Motorcycle tests with the DVSA only take place during the week, so you need to balance the time for training alongside the time of the tests. By signing up for the Gold package, you will receive all the back office business support and contact centre benefits, which will allow you to concentrate on instructing and not having to worry about too much of the business function such as paperwork, booking courses and responding to customer enquiries directly.

We have been in business since 1999 and selling franchises in England and Scotland since 2006. Mark Jaffe owns 16 of Phoenix’s schools. In 2019, he took over the entire Phoenix Motorcycle Training business from founders, Anthony Smykowski and Alison Mallia, who retired.

Unfortunately not. All qualified motorcycle trainers must work with a motorcycle Approved Training Body (ATB). Phoenix Motorcycle Training is a recognised ATB, this recognition extends to all of their franchises.

The UK has seen a continued increase in motorcycle registrations over the past seven years. The increase in motorcycle registrations (and licencing) has outstripped the increase in car registrations by around 1%. In 2017, 1.23 million motorcycles were registered for use on UK roads, as each rider must at least hold a CBT certificate, this indicates a continued increase in demand for motorcycle training courses also. Unlike car training, motorcycle training is compulsory by law and can only be delivered by Approved Training Bodies, giving the motorcycle training industry a legal advantage.