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<strong>Where to Find the Best Motorcycle Training: London and its Boroughs</strong>

If you’re learning to ride or improving your motorcycle skills, you’ll want a training centre near you. Searching for ‘motorcycle training London’ is bound to bring up plenty of options. Choosing which is best for you can be a little more difficult.

The best motorcycle training centre is the one that’s able to give you a skill level that lets you gain your licence quickly. But not only that, the confidence to ride safely and practice on London’s roads where you’ll take your test. Some motorcycle training in London includes the course, but not the insurance you need to learn to ride or the safety gear. That can make learning to ride expensive.

Others will provide the training you need, only to book a test that can’t be taken until months after. At Phoenix Motorcycle Training, we do things a little differently.

Phoenix Motorcycle Training: London

Phoenix motorcycle training, London, has centres in several locations around the city. Each training centre is run to the same high standards, so you can expect quality training no matter which you choose. Everything is included in your course costs. Test dates are booked in advance too, so you’ll be on the road faster.

Our training centres in Crystal Palace, Foots Cray, Croydon and Coulsdon provide a wide selection of locations in the south of the city. Along with the usual motorcycle training courses — Compulsory Basic Training, Full Licence Training and Advanced motorcycle courses — our London motorcycle training centres offer free training courses for delivery riders too.

Beyond CBT for Delivery Riders and 1-2-1 Motorcycle Skills are courses supported by the Mayor of London and Transport for London. They aim to halve the number of deaths and serious injuries to scooter and motorcycle riders in the city. There is no charge for either of these courses, as long as students live in one of London’s 33 boroughs and hold a compulsory basic training certificate (DL196).

What to expect from Phoenix motorcycle training courses in London

Each of our instructors aims to make the day fun. That’s because you’ll learn faster and retain more of what you learn if you enjoy the day. Plus we love what we do! Our style of teaching focuses on building upon your strengths while improving any areas of weakness.

All of our instructors are fully DVSA qualified and some have additional qualifications that allow them to train riders in advanced skills. Many of our instructors have worked with motorcycles as part of their previous experience, some with the forces, others with the emergency and police services. In short, they all know their stuff inside and out.

The cost of any Phoenix Motorcycle Training course covers the following:

  • Training with a qualified instructor
  • Motorcycle helmet
  • Your motorcycle gear (aside from footwear)
  • The motorcycle you will train on
  • Motorcycle insurance for the duration of your training

No matter the course you choose, when you learn to ride with Phoenix you can expect a fun day that builds your skill, confidence and know-how about motorcycles.

Compulsory basic training courses: London

Compulsory basic training is the first step towards a full motorcycle licence. It’s against the law to ride on UK roads without this certification. Typically lasting a day or two, these sessions provide the foundation of your motorcycling skills.

You’ll be able to safely get around London’s streets on two wheels once you complete your training with us. We’ll give you a DL196 certificate to prove the fact too.

Beyond compulsory basic training for delivery drivers

Motorcycle and scooter riders are more vulnerable on the roads than drivers of cars and trucks. The only thing between you, the road and other traffic is your riding gear and helmet. You need to ride defensively and always think ahead to stay safe on the road and avoid hazards.

Beyond Compulsory Basic Training for Delivery Drivers aims to give riders the skills they need to safely and efficiently begin work as motorcycle delivery riders or couriers. But it’s not just open to people who want to ride for work. Anyone with a CBT certificate (DL196) who lives in one of London’s 33 boroughs can access this training for free.

1-2-1 motorcycling skills

Developing your urban riding skills and becoming a safer and more efficient rider on London’s roads is the aim of this course. Tailored to your skill level, a riding instructor will meet you where you are to ride with you on your most frequent routes.

The 1-2-1 motorcycling skills course is also free to riders living in one of London’s 33 boroughs. All you need to access this course is a valid CBT certificate (DL196), your own motorcycle or scooter and two hours to train.

Full-licence training

Once you have gained your CBT certification, you may wish to ride a higher powered motorcycle or scooter. To do this, you’ll need a higher-level licence. Full Licence Direct Access Training prepares you for the DVSA test for gaining a the highest level motorcycle licence for your age.

Direct access courses are held at all Phoenix Motorcycle Training centres in London. We intentionally keep groups small — no more than two students for each qualified instructor — this ensures tailored tuition needed to pass your test.

Advanced motorcycle training, London

Once you have gained the highest attainable licence for your age, it’s a good idea to continue improving your skill. An advanced motorcycle training course is a great way to do this. Our motorcycle training, London centres all offer advanced courses. The best advanced rider course for you depends on your current skill level and what you want to achieve.

The benefits of advanced courses include:

  • Greater safety on the road
  • Greater motorcycling enjoyment
  • Better fuel economy
  • Reduce the development of bad rider habits

Some advanced training courses can also help you lower your motorcycle insurance premiums. You’ll need to show your insurer your pass certificate and it’s worth checking with your insurer which courses they support as this can differ between insurers.

Why learn to ride a motorcycle in London?

Learning to ride a motorcycle in London allows you to get around town faster than is possible in a car. Motorcycles also use less fuel and congestion charges for motorbikes and scooters are different to cars. Commuting by motorcycle is generally cheaper than travelling by train too. So if you want to beat rising petrol and ticket prices, a motorcycle or scooter licence is a great way to do that.

The team at Phoenix Motorcycle Training, London is well-versed in current motorcycle rules and all of the courses we offer. If you want to learn to ride or simply improve your skill with a TfL course, give us a call to chat with our helpful team. Interested in motorcycle training in Bristol or beyond? Our team can help you with that too!

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