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5 Awesome Motorcycle Courses to Boost Your Skills on the Road

Are you a motorcyclist looking to level up your riding skills? No matter what stage of your riding life you’re in, investing in motorcycle courses can be a game-changer. From mastering exhilarating trail riding techniques that boost road skills to getting better at motorway cruising, we have a course tailored to suit every rider. 

In this blog, we’ll explore five must-try motorcycle courses designed to enhance your skill and safety on the road. There are courses for riders at all license levels. We’ll answer your questions about licencing rules, eligibility criteria and course objectives. And we’ll include tips about courses for delivery drivers, riders looking for insurance discounts, and those who want to know what to do if the worst were to happen.

Are you ready to learn more? Jump on as we explore the thrill of two-wheeled adventures and skills development. Whether you’re a commuter navigating city streets or an adrenaline junkie craving off-road escapades, these motorcycle courses offer a gateway to a safer, more energising riding experience.

Elevating your ride with post-licencing motorcycle courses

There is no doubt that one of the best things about motorcycling is that you’re always learning something new. Every ride, from short trips to a dream ride on one of the UK’s top riding routes, is a chance to hone your technique. Experience is a great teacher.

But imagine gaining the confidence to ride a bigger bike safely, much faster than simple experience allows. That’s just one of the benefits a study by IAM RoadSmart and Agilysis found when they studied the behaviour of advanced riders. They also found advanced riders are more courteous road users and have fewer crashes per mile than regular licenced riders.

The UK’s motorcycle licencing rules are designed to let you develop your expertise through real-life experience. But we grow faster and stronger with guidance and feedback. Research proves this. That’s why motorcycle courses are such a great investment for riders.

Phoenix Motorcycle Training’s courses build on your experience and let you develop faster with guidance, practice, feedback, and more practice. By the time you’re done, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved a higher level of mastery. Because you will have. And in many cases, you’ll have a certificate to show your new-found level of expertise.

Are there motorcycle courses for motorcyclists with a UK licence?

The quick answer is a resounding YES! A huge range of motorcycle courses for motorcyclists with UK licences are available with Phoenix Motorcycle Training. Each will help you improve your riding confidence and capability. Some courses even help you reduce insurance premiums and petrol consumption. Browse all of Phoenix’s advanced training courses to find the right one for you!

Round out your road skills with an exhilarating trail riding course

Dirt bike trail riding days are bags of fun. Getting mucky, navigating natural terrains and whizzing through the countryside leave you feeling exhilarated and capable. Riding off-road takes a different set of skills than road riding. The great news is, your off-road skills can make you a better road rider. Why? Because the slippery surfaces and bumpy tracks you’ll navigate on a dirt bike trail sometimes pop up unexpectedly on the road.

After a few trail-riding lessons and days out, unexpected road situations are less likely to alarm you. The techniques learned off-road will keep you calmer and more confident when loose gravel, patches of mud or unexpected potholes appear on the road. Booking a dirt bike riding course isn’t just a fun weekend activity. It’s also an opportunity to round out your motorcycling skills to become a better road rider. Learn more about our trail riding days to improve your skills and have some fun!

Recommended for: A2 or higher motorcycle licence holders

Advance your ride: master pillion passengers and conquer motorways

In most cases, getting your licence to ride in the UK begins with your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate. Once you have this in hand, you’re able to get out on the road and practise your skills. But you’ll be riding on your own and motorways are out of bounds. Not until you’re ready for an AM scooter licence or a higher A1 licence for 125cc bikes will you be ready for these situations.

Taking a passenger on the back of your motorcycle or scooter means taking their life in your hands. It’s a BIG responsibility. Their weight behind you changes the way your machine responds. You’ll need to give your passenger some tips for riding with you and adjust your technique a little too. Give yourself more time to break and be aware of the changes to your centre of gravity.

Riding on motorways is very different to riding around towns, A roads or country lanes (you also need to be on a motorcycle or scooter more powerful than 50ccs). That’s why our carrying pillion passengers and motorway riding motorcycle courses are so valuable. You’ll learn the techniques and practicalities of riding confidently in these situations so you remain safe and your passenger does too. Book your pillion passenger and motorway riding course to enjoy more two-wheeled fun!

Recommended for: All riders keen to take a friend on the back of their motorcycle or navigate motorways safely.

Can I ride a 50cc without a CBT?

In most cases, you’ll need a CBT to ride a 50cc or higher powered motorcycle or scooter on the UK’s public roads. Only older people, who passed their driving test before February 2001 can jump onto a 50cc scooter or motorcycle without a CBT. They don’t need to display L plates either.

Boost your delivery rider skills: enrol in our Beyond CBT motorcycle course

Becoming a delivery driver in London usually means getting your CBT and learning to navigate busy roads with a load on your scooter. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists made up 80% of all people killed or seriously injured on London’s roads in 2022. To avoid being one of these statistics, you’ll need to gain skills quickly to be road-safe and meet your delivery targets. 

Our Beyond CBT: Delivery Rider Skills course equips riders with confidence and skills to get their job done safely. You’ll learn how to navigate urban roads, filter safely and overtake with confidence. You’ll also understand when you can use city bus lanes and develop your defensive riding skills. This is a must-do course if you’re intending to become a delivery rider in London. And it’s free for delivery riders in London who already have their CBT certificate.

Orange scooter in Europe needs a scooter licence to ride on the road or a CBT certificate to ride on UK roads

Which motorcycle can I ride on a car licence?

If you got your car licence before February 2001, you can ride a 50cc scooter without L plates or a CBT certificate. That means you could become a delivery rider without further training. If you gained your driver’s licence after February 2001, you’ll need a CBT certificate to ride any scooter or motorcycle on the UK’s public roads.

Recommended: for all delivery riders in London

Accelerate your skills: unleash your potential with an Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) motorcycle course

When you’ve already obtained your licence and have been enjoying the freedom of the road on your own, it can feel like you’ve reached the end of the road for motorcycle skills courses. But that’s not the case. There is always more to learn. And there are many ways you can boost your rider skills and safety faster with guided tuition.

One of the best courses to do this is the DVSA-approved Enhanced Rider Scheme motorcycle course. You’ll build on the skills you’ve already gained and rise to a new level of confidence and competence too. It’s a sure way to level up your skills. You’ll learn defensive riding, develop your hazard awareness and develop overtaking, filtering and rider attitude skills too.

Even better, some insurance companies reward riders with ERS certificates with lower insurance premiums. This varies between insurers so it’s worth checking with your insurer what their discounts are and which ones apply to you. Here’s what one of our past students had to say about enhancing her motorcycling skills with us on the ERS motorcycle course:

“…I had an amazing day with Huw who did my ERS training on the most beautiful twisty country roads south of London. He is so knowledgeable, caring and truly passionate about riding and passing his knowledge to his students. I learned so much in one day and now look  at roads and riding with different eyes. Anyone who takes riding seriously should attend such training, it’s hugely beneficial and eye-opening.” – Alex Andra, Phoenix Motorcycle Training student.

Recommended for: Fully-licenced motorcyclists who’ve just passed their test, are returning to the road after a break, or want to upgrade to a more powerful motorcycle. This course can help to reduce insurance premiums. Please check with your insurer to clarify their policy on ERS certification before enrolling.

Learn how to respond in an emergency with Biker Down! motorcycle courses

Coming across a road accident is a scary prospect. Motorcyclists are 38 times more likely to be killed in a road accident than car drivers and passengers. Would you know how to respond to an accident involving a motorcycle or scooter? 95% of UK road users would have to answer “no” to this simple question. It’s a frightening reality for motorcyclists and drivers alike.

Biker Down! motorcycle courses aren’t just for motorcyclists, they’re for all road users. Taking this course will give you the knowledge and skills to respond well in an emergency. You may even save someone’s life. 

Biker Down! courses take around three hours to complete. You’ll learn how to manage a crash scene as a first responder. You’ll also cover basic life-saving skills like CPR, when and how to remove a rider’s helmet and the science of being seen by other motorists. Visibility may seem like a moot point when attending to a crash scene, but it will help prevent the situation from becoming worse and keep it from being a hazard to other motorists. They’re crucial skills for all road users, but only 5% of us know how to manage these emergencies. Find a course near you today.

Recommended for: All riders and road users.

Improve your skills with a motorcycle course today

As we go through life, we never stop learning. It’s a fact that’s even more true for motorcyclists. Continually developing your skills makes you a safer, more confident and courteous road user. It enhances your enjoyment on the road and it reduces your potential for an accident or injury.
No matter what stage of your motorcycling career you’re in, motorcycle courses are a great way to develop your skills faster, avoid the pitfalls of only learning through experience and boost the potential for fun along the way. Book one of our motorcycle courses today to boost your skill, enjoyment and confidence on two wheels.

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