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Clips of Motorcycle Test Elements

Each motorcycle licence type requires you to complete both a theory and practical test. Practical tests require you to demonstrate competency in a number of different motorcycle riding skills. To help you become familiar with what will be asked of you in both practical and theory tests, we’ve provided some short clips for you below.

Where can I take my motorcycle permit and licence tests?

Motorcycle permit tests, or theory and practical tests, are taken in two parts. The theory test can be booked with Phoenix Motorcycle Training or your closest DVSA test centre. You can find your closest DVSA centre with their location finder.

The practical side of the test is taken only after the theory has been successfully completed. These tests can be booked with us, or again directly with the DVSA test centres. Most of our training schools arrange testing for both practical and theory tests with the appropriate centres for you as close as possible after your training with us.

How do I book my motorcycle theory test?

Booking for your motorcycle tests, both theory and practical is easy. You can book on our website, or through the DVSA’s pages if you prefer to book this directly.

If you need to rebook your theory test after a failed attempt, you will need to wait a minimum of three working days before retesting.

How much is a motorcycle theory test?

Theory tests are currently £23.00. Mod 1 and 2 tests are charged at £15.50 and £75.00 respectively. In some cases, these prices are higher if booked for a weekend. It is worth noting that these test charges DO NOT include any prior training. Current motorcycle theory tests for both on and off-road licence and permits can be found on the website.

Additional clips and loads of free resources are available for all types of training at