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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Days

There are five elements to CBT courses. Usually, the course takes a full day and it always covers both theory and practical aspect of learning to ride a motorbike. Completing a CBT course is compulsory for almost all motorcycle licences. The clip above shows you what to bring and what to expect for a CBT day.

How the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) works

The CBT is all about teaching you the skills needed to ride a moped or lower-powered motorbike safely and competently. The focus is on safety when using the roads and obtaining a level of competency that you can build upon when riding on public UK roads alone. There is no specific pass or fail test. Certification is carried out by a qualified instructor who will be with you throughout your training and helping you to improve your motorcycling skills. Once your instructor sees you have reached the CBT standard, you’ll be certified with a DL196 and able to continue practising on your own. You’ll need to display learner plates on your motorbike or moped and will have power and age restrictions. You won’t be able to carry a pillion passenger or travel on motorways. To be licenced for carrying pillion passengers or access motorways, you will need a minimum of an AM level licence.

How long does Compulsory Basic Training take?

Everyone is different and training times for CBT courses vary. As a rule of thumb, you can usually expect a CBT course to last for a day and certification can be achieved in this time. Your instructor will keep you informed about your progress throughout and help you improve in any areas that may be needed to reach the certification level.

How much does the Compulsory Basic Training cost?

CBT courses vary in price between schools but is around £130 for the day. Phoenix Motorcycle Training includes everything you need to take a CBT course aside from lunch, sturdy boots or shoes and the provisional or driving licence required by the DVLA.