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Module 1 (CBT) Testing

These manoeuvres will need to be demonstrated off-road for those wishing to obtain an AM, A1, A2 or A (full) motorcycle licence. The power of the motorcycle will vary depending on the level of motorcycle licence you are testing for.

CBT, DL196 certificates, and AM licences

CBT courses are generally where the path to a motorcycle licence begins. Once you have reached a level of competence to receive your CBT certification (also called a DL196 certification), you will need to sit a theory and practical tests to obtain an AM or higher motorcycle licence. These licence types mean you won’t have to display learner plates and you won’t need to take the CBT certification again in two years time.

Explaining Module 1 and motorcycle licences levels

Motorcycle module 1 and a motorcycle A1 licence are two different things. Module 1 refers to a part of your testing for any of the motorcycle licence levels. The other refers to the licence type available to people aged 17 or over which allows them to ride a light motorcycle with a power range up to 11KW.

An A1 licence can be achieved in two different ways. Either through DAS training or with the progressive approach which requires working your way through the motorcycle licencing levels from CBT, to AM and onto the A1 motorcycle licence.

What is an A2 motorcycle licence?

A2 licences are a type of motorcycle licence that comes with a minimum age restriction of 19 and a power restriction for the type of motorcycle that can be ridden. An A2 licence will allow you to ride a standard-powered bike of up to 35KW. There is one higher-level motorcycle licence after the A2 licence, the full motorcycle licence level ‘A’. This is the top motorcycle licence level and is unrestricted by age or motorcycle power range.